Death by pancakes

Now we’ve all seen protein pancakes all over Instagram, and most of us have had a pop at them. Let’s face it they aren’t difficult to make and are actually very tasty and filling.

After being on prep for 13 weeks I decided to act on one of my foodie fantasies and make STUFFED PROTEIN PANCAKES. Yep that’s right! You cut into them and the filling just oozes out! Since I’m such a lovely person, I thought you might like to make them too, so here’s the recipe!


•1 scoop chocolate protein powder
•1 scoop oats
•1.5 scoops self raising flour
•0.5 tsp baking powder
•Approx 250ml chocolate milk- I used chocolate oat milk
•Dark chocolate chips
•1 heaped tsp peanut butter
•1 heaped tsp chocolate spread
•1 Oreo


• mix all together in a bowl (except nut butter, chocolate spread and Oreo) consistency should be similar to American style pancakes, so thicker than crepes

•Spoon mixture into a small frying pan, place Oreo in the centre of the mixture, cover with more mixture – cook on a medium temperature so it cooks through without burning the outside.

• Once you see the mixture has cooked around the edges, flip and cook on the other side

• Repeat these steps with a spoon of PB and Chocolate spread (or desired fillings)

•I also topped mine with melted dark chocolate…


Then devour and slip slowly into a food coma!


Love Char xxx


Vegan Protein Pancakes

With pancake day just around the corner (tomorrow!) I thought I would share with you my protein pancake recipe that’s really easy to make!


Makes 3-4 pancakes


  • 1/2 cup self raising flour
  • 1 scoop (35g) Protein powder
  • 1/2 jumbo oats
  • 1 cup milk alternative


  • Mix dry ingredients in a bowl
  • Add milk slowly to form a thick batter- you can add more milk or water if you need to loosen the batter slightly
  • Fry in a little oil of you choice. I use coconut oil as it still keeps a sweet flavour.
  • Top with glorious things until your heart is content!

Nutritionals per pancake (if 4 are made from the above)

Calories: 96.25

Protein: 8.25g

Fat: 1.25g

Carbs: 12g


Tomorrow mine will be topped with banana and Coconut Almond Butter. I already can’t wait!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 13.34.33

Char x