Farfetch X Barrecore Event 

A couple of weeks ago Farfetch invited myself and a selection of other blogger down for a Barre and Breakfast event. We were celebrating the launch of new activewear lines to their site. It was instantly a yes from me. Activewear, Barrecore and breakfast yes please!

We headed to Mayfair to start our morning with a class at Barrecore. At this point I was 11weeks into my prep- so 2 weeks out from my competition. I walked in feeling pretty confident that as a dancer and in comparison to my other weights sessions, the class would be a breeze. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The class brought about a new stimulus for my muscles and a lot of isolation work for legs and glutes. Having trained legs the day before it is safe to say I found it rather difficult and experienced that really great burning sensation through most of the exercises. I would definitely recommend Barrecore to anyone, whether you’re a serial class pass user or just fancy trying something different, you’re in for a great workout!


After Barrecore we made our way to NAC for a beautiful breakfast! Luckily for me it was a high carb day and due to being on prep I had to pick something from the menu that was close to what I would usually have in my plan. I opted for an apple Bircher topped with poached quince and a cinnamon and star anise drizzle. It was BEAUTIFUL! Definitely something I’m interested in trying to make myself for sure, I washed it down with a strong black Americano- of course!

It was so lovely around the table talking blogging, fashion, photography and lifestyles with all of the other amazing girls and the Farfetch team. A very inspiring morning full of new experiences and celebrations. I can’t wait to give my new Varley crop top and Nike trainers a test drive.

If you’ve never tried Barrecore before and it interests you head over to their site here and get yourself booked in! Also make your way over to the Farfetch website and get filling your basket with all of the gorgeous activewear they have up now!


Thank you Farfetch for an amazing morning! If only every Wednesday started like this!

Love Char x

Images in this post are a combination of images taken by myself and by the official event photographer- not to be used without permission


Finding My Feet…

Apologies for another long break between posts a lot has been happening and I’m about to fill you in…

Almost a month ago I made ‘the big move’ to ‘the big smoke’ …. I can honestly say it felt like the most natural transition in my life and less of a ‘big move’.

Lucky for me, since moving I have been super busy work-wise doing all sorts of things within the realm of extras work. I have a few Behind The Scenes pictures from my ventures to share with you:


A couple of weeks into being here and I found myself shooting an advert with Joey Essex for his Party Anthems CD. It’s a compilation three disk set of 65 tracks ready for the party season. It was quite an intimate shoot in that there were only 12 of us there including Joey so screen time for everyone…there were three types of shot we had to get throughout the shoot; house party, office party and club scene.



Have a look at the ad for yourselves, see if you can spot me. It was a really fun shoot!

We were then invited to the Launch Party of the CD last weekend at Sugarhut by Joey’s Manager, Dave of Neon Management and that was a great night too!



Enough of me and my new best friend Joey, here’s what else I’ve been up to…

I’ve been doing some extras work for a Kudos show called Humans coming to Channel 4 in 2015. Set in a parallel world in present day where humans can buy ‘synthetic humans’ (robots) to carry out the tasks they no longer want to do. Really great shoot, and who doesn’t love being paid to have their hair cut and coloured….. Here’s an image from shoot day, I was a ‘synth’


Here’s a couple of pictures from another extras shoot i did, unfortunately I can’t yet disclose what it was for…. But it was very fun!



I’ve done a few other shoots too like a real life story reconstruction for Sky, playing a teen gang member,friends of a lead character in a Russian film called Londongrad and an advert for a new app coming out.

On top of my extras work I’ve been involved in a couple of photography projects too. The first of which I’ve done a couple of shoots with and that is Jon Meade’s Break. It is a project for his Photography Masters all about how we place the body in space and the contradictions we can make with our body in space. Have a look at the images below © Jonathan Meade. I’ve done three shoots with him now but these are from the latest.




The other photography shoot I have been a part of was for another university project for Dani Camastra. She put a call out for people with tattoos that had a meaning. A lot of people don’t know I have a tattoo because it’s not in a place where it can be seen unless I choose to show you. It’s on the right side of my rib cage and just a small peace sign. I had it done just after I found out what was wrong with my heart after years of not being believed that there was even anything wrong. Nine years later, two operations later… It’s safe to say I wasn’t making it up. Anyway I’ve started to meander. So she put out this call for people with tattoos that had a meaning so I put myself forward and she was really interested. The shoot was great, a small intimate studio and I felt very comfortable shooting with her. I’m quite excited to see the images she took. Here’s a. BTS shot I snuck on the day. ( mum, don’t worry I haven’t jumped into topless modelling -that would require boobs. I was covered)


So ultimately that is what I have been up to. Lots of different projects here and there, it keeps me on my toes and makes each day exciting. This is me finding my feet in a new place with new people but trying to do what I love doing. I am also off to my first Aerial Silks class tonight since moving so I am rather excited!

The Royals: Trailer Released!

After such a great time shooting the first time, I managed to get booked for another shoot with The Royals a few weeks ago, the scene we were shooting this time was completely different in all respects. Now that’s all I can say, for anymore you’ll have to watch the show when it airs in 2015- I’m sure I’ll be letting you know when that is as soon as I know. However I can say that Elizabeth Hurley was shooting with us this time looking fabulous as ever! But once again I stand by my words that Merritt Patterson is THE most beautiful person I have ever met.

The shoot went across two days each between 13 and 14hrs……27hrs in heels! My feet no longer felt like my feet but it was all good fun and a good place to start in terms of extras work. I also met some pretty amazing and inspiring people across my time with The Royals.

The trailer aired last night during The Emmy Awards. Have a look:


You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled when it’s on because I should hopefully be in two episodes…

I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s on TV!

The Royals

On Wednesday 23rd July I made a trip to London as I had been cast as an extra for a new television show for E! set to air in America in 2015. The show is called The Royals and Elizabeth Hurley plays a fictional Queen Helena based in modern day England.

The scene I was involved in was a silent disco where Merrit Patterson and William Moseley are on a night out in Shorditch at a secret underground club and it’s a silent disco night. We shot a few scenes in this silent disco and it was really good fun. I was quite close to Merritt Patterson in the scenes so we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled when it shows. It was super hot so we were really grateful for the rooftop breaks in between takes.

It was a really valuable day in terms of networking because I got to speak with so many other performers of varying backgrounds before we went up to shoot. They gave me so much information about getting castings for other extras work and bits and pieces like that. I also met a really free-spirited person full of sooooo much positive energy, called Bruja. I think I’ll be spending lots of time around her when I’m in London.

A great day all round, almost didn’t feel like work. That’s the best kind of work right ?! If you enjoy it, it isn’t really work.

Take a look at the trailer here: