Farfetch X Barrecore Event 

A couple of weeks ago Farfetch invited myself and a selection of other blogger down for a Barre and Breakfast event. We were celebrating the launch of new activewear lines to their site. It was instantly a yes from me. Activewear, Barrecore and breakfast yes please!

We headed to Mayfair to start our morning with a class at Barrecore. At this point I was 11weeks into my prep- so 2 weeks out from my competition. I walked in feeling pretty confident that as a dancer and in comparison to my other weights sessions, the class would be a breeze. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The class brought about a new stimulus for my muscles and a lot of isolation work for legs and glutes. Having trained legs the day before it is safe to say I found it rather difficult and experienced that really great burning sensation through most of the exercises. I would definitely recommend Barrecore to anyone, whether you’re a serial class pass user or just fancy trying something different, you’re in for a great workout!


After Barrecore we made our way to NAC for a beautiful breakfast! Luckily for me it was a high carb day and due to being on prep I had to pick something from the menu that was close to what I would usually have in my plan. I opted for an apple Bircher topped with poached quince and a cinnamon and star anise drizzle. It was BEAUTIFUL! Definitely something I’m interested in trying to make myself for sure, I washed it down with a strong black Americano- of course!

It was so lovely around the table talking blogging, fashion, photography and lifestyles with all of the other amazing girls and the Farfetch team. A very inspiring morning full of new experiences and celebrations. I can’t wait to give my new Varley crop top and Nike trainers a test drive.

If you’ve never tried Barrecore before and it interests you head over to their site here and get yourself booked in! Also make your way over to the Farfetch website and get filling your basket with all of the gorgeous activewear they have up now!


Thank you Farfetch for an amazing morning! If only every Wednesday started like this!

Love Char x

Images in this post are a combination of images taken by myself and by the official event photographer- not to be used without permission


Cherry and Cinnamon Baked Oats

Hi I’m Charlotte and I’m an oats addict!


Sundays are my rest days and my high carb/refeed days so I always take my time over my precious oats. This Sunday I decided to try making baked oats. I’ve seen baked oats all over instagram but have never tried making them before so I thought why not today! I didn’t follow a recipe, I just tried it my own way and my god they were good! Now you can make them too!



  • Cherries- fresh or frozen
  • 50g oats
  • 20g chia seeds
  • 400-500ml Unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 medium courgette grated
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon (or more depending on preference)
  • Optional- 1 tablespoon coconut flour


  1. To be completed the night before:
    1. Mix together the oats, milk, chia seeds, courgette and cinnamon
    2. chill in the fridge overnight
  2. Preheat oven to 180-200 degrees C
  3. Mix in protein powder, baking powder and optional coconut flour to the overnight oats- consistency should be thick
  4. Line your oven safe dish with cherries
  5. Pour oats mixture on top
  6. Press more cherries into the oats
  7. Top with a sprinkle of loose oats to toast on top
  8. Bake for approx 30mins (the longer you bake, the thicker and more ‘cake’ they will be)


Oh my goodness, these oats were incredible! Actually incredible! img_8304img_8308img_8327

Let me know how you get on making them!

Love Char xxx

OSHUN white

Last month OSHUNwhite sent me a 14day teeth whitening oil pulling kit and a copper tongue cleaner. What with always being in front of the camera, I am always wanting whiter teeth. In January 2015 I took part in a study with the BBC to test the effectiveness of over the counter teeth whitening kits. The results came in and no one’s teeth had been whitened to a degree where it was noticeable to the human eye. This is because the active ingredient in teeth whitening kits isn’t strong enough and can’t be strong enough due to EU regulations. Many people get teeth whitening products sent over from the US because their rules and regulations are different. I have never used anything stronger than can be bought in the UK because I always get nervous about them damaging my teeth and only having myself to blame for being so silly. This was the reason why Oil Pulling has intrigued me for some time now.


Oil pulling has been practiced for thousands of years as part of the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda. The practice involves swishing a small amount of oil around your mouth for 5 to 15 minutes each day. Traditionally, unflavoured coconut or sesame oil would be used.

Oil pulling works to reduce the levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth, which are pulled out with the oil. This delivers a powerful, natural oral detox, resulting in reduced plaque, long-lasting fresh breath and a beautiful white smile.

~ OSHUNwhite

OSHUNwhite offer a 14 day kit, one sachet each day first thing in the morning before eating breakfast. This is really handy because if you’re staying at friends let’s say, you don’t have to carry around your great huge jar of coconut oil, you can just pop a sachet in your bag. They offer 4 flavours, Crushed Lime, Wild Cherry, Spearmint and Peppermint. The flavours really help to distract you from the fact you have coconut oil filled with toxins in your mouth…

I tried the Crushed Lime flavour. The guidelines say to swill it around your mouth for 5-15minutes, on my first time I lasted 5! I was SO disappointed in myself but its such a new and surreal sensation that I just couldn’t keep going any longer. Luckily like with most things practice made it better and more tolerable, however, even after the full course I still only managed 10minutes max! (what a wimp!)  I think for me it was the oily texture, yes I know it’s coconut oil before you say anything, it just didn’t feel like something I should be holding in my mouth for that long. Although I must say, the Lime flavour definitely helped!


As much as I hate to admit it (because I was rubbish at it) it actually did work! I’ve heard mixed reviews about Oil Pulling so it was nice to be able to experience my own results. My teeth felt cleaners and glossier and they looked whiter so it’s definitely something I want to be able to learn to love. So thank you OSHUNwhite for introducing me to oil pulling and making it a nicer experience with such great flavours and convenient kits!

To get your hands on an OSHUNwhite 14 day kit head to their website here.


Here’s to naturally healthier, whiter smiles!

Char x

Easy Peasy Preparation with MyFitnessPal

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail 

This was something that one of my P.E teachers used to say when it came to exam time and it’s something that has always stuck with me.

It is really applicable to my competition prep. More so when it comes to meal prep. Unfortunately in my flat of five, we have one small fridge to share so meal prepping my whole week’s worth of food on a Sunday just isn’t an option for me. Without this option, it could be incredibly easy to slip into ‘I’ll just snooze my alarm a bit longer and buy food while I’m out.’ That is not the trap you want to be falling into. I wake up super early every single morning so that I can make my food for the day and spend some time for myself over my breakfast. Breakfast is my time to myself before a crazy busy day ahead so it’s important that I make that time in the morning to keep a level head and connected.

So how do I do it?

Some people choose to have a nutritionist or service plan out their food for them. Whether that be in creating meal plans for them, or having a delivery service that brings you your ready made bespoke packages- like Fresh Fitness Food. I haven’t used anything like that in my prep. Artur, my trainer, will tell me my calories and macro breakdown for the week and then it is on me to make sure I make food to fit to these.

There is one tool that I couldn’t possibly do that without and that is an app called MyFitnessPal. It’s great it’s a food database where you can put in your nutrition goals and macro breakdown. For example this week I was on 1800 calories a day, 70g Carbs, 200g Protein and 80g Fat. So I was able to pop that into MyFitnessPal and then enter my food for the day to add up to this.

The food diary is broken down into four sections: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Due to my prep and eating more than three meals a day I just enter extra food into the sections. Under each header you have a button (+Add Food)  you can enter into the search bar and find your food and measurement to enter. If for some reason you cannot find the product you are after, you can create your own food and use the nutritional content section from the back of your package (ingredient) to input it into the app.

It is really great having this app to help me, since I can only prep on the day it just makes life so much easier. When you have your food prepped, you know that that is what your body needs and when and you’re less/not likely to end up grabbing something on the go.


I’ll plan my food in the app the day before so that I know if I need to buy food and know exactly what I’m getting up to make in the morning. When doing it all yourself, it really couldn’t be any easier!

The normal version of the app is available for free, or if you have further needs there is a premium version you can purchase from the App Store too!

Whether you’re in competition prep, looking to lose weight, or just curious about what you have been eating then MyFitnessPal is my recommended food tracking app.

Happy Tracking!

Char x

Review: Motion Nutrition


Unfortunately for me, used as recommended, these products are not for me. I read the list of ingredients and everything sounds wonderful but they taste too earthy for my personal preference. They are smooth and the Post workout is better than the Pre, but where I’m used to sweeter Pre and Post workout shakes, they are just too earthy for me. However I have found that they are nice blended into smoothies for example:

Pre Workout Breakfast Smoothie:


  • 1 scoop Motion Nutrition Pre Workout Energiser
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • 200ml coconut water
  • 1 handful spinach

I found that the fruit added in sweetness and made it much more palatable to my personal taste preferences. I obviously cannot speak for their other non-vegan products, and imagine the whey protein is obviously creamier and sweeter than these products so if you aren’t vegan it would be worth giving the Organic Whey Protein a try as its free from nasty artificial additives. Head to their website here.

Char x

The Urban Tri

Last Sunday I was invited to head down and take part in the Urban Tri with Boom Cycle. The Urban Tri has been names London’s Hottest Fitness Challenge of 2016 and deemed to be the modern triathlon. You start with 45 mins Yoga at Lululemon in Chelsea, jump into your trainers for around an 10k run to Holborn, slip on a pair of cleated shoes and take on 45mins spinning at Boomcycle. Then it’s food and goody bags galore!

I love a challenge so said I’d do it but I have to admit that I was quite nervous! Anyone who’s known me for quite some time would know I used to run quite a lot, a 10k would be nothing, something I would do for fun but I haven’t ran 10k in about three years now. If i’m doing cardio it’ll be interval sprints on the treadmill now, so the thought of having to run constantly for around an hour from Chelsea to Holborn was quite daunting…

I arrived at Lululemon on The King’s Road in Chelsea at 9.15 on Sunday morning and the only thing I knew for certain was that I’d be joined by Naomi White- Queen of Health and Fitness PR and Emily and Hannah from Twice the Health so I was looking forward to seeing them. We indulged in 45minutes of yoga focusing mainly on opening up our hips and preparing our legs ready for the run that followed. It felt really good to be led through sequences, for the most part my yoga practice is self taught and I just fit it in where I can rather than going to class, so this felt good to be instructed on how to move. Unfortunately it was over in a flash and the daunting run crept up very quickly…


I jumped into my trainers and it was time to decide which group I was going to run with. There were three pace makers a fast, intermediate and a slower one. I chose the intermediate group with Emily from Twice the Health. I figured I used to run a 50minute 10k and this group were aiming for around a 55min time so worst case scenario I dropped back and could still see them, or the slower group would catch up with me and all would still be fine. So i’m running along, inhaler in one hand, phone in the other just incase i get lost… lucky for me, I didn’t need either of them! Hurray for Charlotte! The run felt good! I finished in around 54mins, turns out it was more like 11k than 10k and I ran alongside Emily just about the whole time and were chatting, so the pace was comfortable.


Arriving at Boom Cycle I felt fantastic, really proud of myself for making it through the run in a good time, I ran down the stairs jumped into some cleated shoes and hopped on my bike (with a little help, I just cant get the hang of attaching myself to the bike?!) I had to turn on my display and stay on the bike for 45mins and then my Tri was done! I knew I was going to get through this last leg smoothly because Boom Cycle is a Party on a bike and while my legs felt the heaviest they perhaps ever had, the time went so quick because I was just having the best time!


I came out third- hooray for Charlotte! I was greeted by Naomi, goody bags and foods from Bol Foods, Propercorn and Vitacoco coconut water. No better way to finish if you ask me.


I honestly felt so good afterwards, the week leading up I’d been a bit down and sassy in training and I’d been texting Artur after every session apologising because I just hadn’t been very inspiring to train at all. This was EXACTLY what I needed.

Thank you Naomi for inviting me down and Thank you Emily and Hannah for being totally fabulous and for running alongside me Emily.

The Urban Tri happens once a month and I urge anyone who is into fitness to get themselves down to one and give it a go! I won’t be able to do the April one because of my competition prep but I’ll be back in May for sure!

Head over to the Boom Cycle website and have a look what its all about for yourselves http://www.boomcycle.co.uk/urban-tri

Bring on May!

Char x



In January The Healthy Body Kit sent me their January box to review. Healthy Body Kit is a monthly Health and Fitness subscription box. Each month it will either be mainly health or mainly fitness focused. The January Box was Health focused.

The Healthy Body Kit is a monthly subscription for women who have a keen interest in Health, Fitness and Organic Skin Care; a fully body approach to health and wellbeing.

~ The Healthy Body Kit

I was very excited when this box landed on my doorstep for what treats and samples I would find inside. I am always keen to try new things that are set out to aid my training/ improve by health and wellbeing.


So what was inside?

  • Terre Verdi Facial Oil
  • Chia Co Chia Seeds
  • Love Your Blender- Super Berry
  • Buff Bake- Chocolate Chip Protein Peanut Butter
  • Health span Elite Performance Greens

The products were great, however I could only have 4 out of 5 of them due to being vegan. I gave the Buff Bake to my best friend and gym parter who did not complain at all because she loved it. Chia seeds are one of my ultimate favourite snacks made into chia seed pudding. Love Your Blender is a great way to boost the nutritional content of your smoothies or protein shakes and the same for the Performance Greens. Unfortunately the Facial Oil was not for me, it was too floral for my personal tastes, I tend to go for something unfragranced when it comes to facial skincare, but has made me consider a different kind of facial oil rather than a cream.

The boxes are £11.99 per month if you opt for a monthly subscription and go down in price per box if you opt into a 3 month or 6 month commitment. I think the boxes are a great Idea if you are are new to health and fitness and what some help finding products that are suitable for you. Due to the products inside being sample size, it means that you aren’t buying a product with 30 servings in just to find that you don’t get along with it.

Unfortunately it isn’t the product for me because I’m vegan so it doesn’t work out very cost effective to be giving away the products that are unsuitable for me. However if you’re not vegan and looking for a way to find new health and fitness products to try then this is definitely the kit for you.

Head over and have a look at their website here.

Char x


This post is in collaboration with The Healthy Body Kit however all views are my own.

One Life Personal Training Pt.1

This post is in collaboration with One Life Personal Training


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Will Fletcher from One Life with an invitation to come by the studio for a session and sports massage with him. I took Will up on his offer and here is my first instalment of my time with Will at One Life Personal Training so far:

The studio is based in Stoke Newington and is a lovely independent studio with MANY services to offer, from Personal Training, to Yoga, to massage and Pilates. They also have a little area outside to give a tyre a good battering!

So what did I get up to?

Picture this, while you were all in bed at 7am on a frosty Sunday morning I was in the studio with Will giving it all that I’ve got. I know I’m crazy but the session was crazy good!

We started on the rower- a piece of equipment I never use! I’m not very good on the rower so I never use it unless I’m on it for my abs! We moved through a series of exercises including interval sprints, treadmill crawls, treadmill bunny hops, chin ups, burpees with a shoulder press and battle ropes. It was a mega session and Will really put me through my paces! I love training with battle ropes but hadn’t done it in quite some time so it annihilated me! Shoulder in pieces! (In a good way!)

We finished with a sports massage on my upper back. Due to being here there and everywhere during the day, I tend to carry a rather heavy bag so my traps are always super tight and riddled with knots so this was where Will worked his magic for me. I also have bad posture, rolling my shoulders forward giving myself a bit of a hunchback- not good! So we’re going to work on that too.

I left the studio that Sunday feeling energised and relaxed all at the same time. It was a wonderful feeling and a great way to start the day. You still think I’m crazy I know!

If you’re North London based and looking for personal training or classes without the commitment of a gym membership also, then One Life Personal Training is the place to go! You know you need to start training but It can be quite intimidating walking into a gym when you don’t really know what to do. You just end up doing cardio or floor based ab work watching what everyone else does. I’ve been there I know that! So skip that and get stuck in with some sessions or classes and One Life. Whatever your goal, there’s something for you!

Have a look at their website here!

You can also follow them and Will on Instagram:



Keep an eye out for Pt.2 where I’ll be giving you a tour of the studio and going at a tyre with a massive hammer!

Char x

Pure Ride


On Friday I headed down to Pure Ride to see what the buzz was about. Pure Ride has been developed to be more that just your regular spin class with an emphasis on training more like track cycling. They have two studios; One focusing on a choreographed class to Dance music including added weights and the other delivering a high intensity performance class developed by none other than Sir Chris Hoy himself.  They provide you with all you need for a great class (apart from your clothes…please bring those!)


To get the most from our rides you should have a connection with your bike. That’s why we’ll provide you with complimentary cleated shoes – dont worry if you havent ridden this way before – we’ll help you quickly get used to it


The last thing you want is to bring a big bag along for the ride, so we’ll provide you with all the essentials: soft towels, toiletries and everything you need to leave with a healthy glow.


So now that you have everything, you’re all set to go!

My Experience

I headed down to class with Charlene the Assistant Manager of my gym who also hadn’t visited Pure Ride before. Charlene had a little trouble registering on the website in order to book onto class so perhaps in their first week of opening there are a couple of glitches on the system but if you have any troubles, give them a call or drop them an email and member services will help you out.

Like any other studio/class like this you have to register online, buy credits and then book onto your class to get a spot. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for me as I’m used to this kind of system so that was easy enough. They then email you a QR code to scan when you arrive.

Charlene and I decided to meet at Moorgate station at 12.15, the website said it was two minutes away- perfect. We got lost! Google maps was being no use whatsoever because there’s in quite a bit of construction happening around the area, so then we had to wing it… Other people must have had these problems because we then saw an arrow for Pure Ride attached to a pole outside the station once we’d doubled back on ourselves. Perfect let’s follow those… Again, easier said than done, we were lost again. After lots of running around in the pouring rain, we finally made it to the studio. So my best advice is give yourself ample time to find the place because we just got flustered when we were running out of time.



When you arrive there are scanners in the foyer to scan your QR code you’ve been emailed, to mark you as arrived for the class. Then you head down a set of stairs to the reception desk where you’ll be provided with your cleated shoes and towel. We were in a super dooper mega rush so the lovely managers who Charlene knew took our bags and looked after them so we didn’t have to faff with lockers and the changing rooms. We just popped on our shoes and ran in. I have never worn these shoes before and found walking in them quite strange, the sort of feeling you get trying to walk on a normal floor in ice skates. I will just say, don’t hurry too much in them as you’re heading for the studio, I managed to slip over trying to turn a corner (bambi on ice!).

I can honestly say I had no idea whatsoever when it came to trying to attach myself to the bike so, if like me, you’ve never cycled like this before no problem! A lovely lady from the studio came over and helped me set myself up. You have a digital display in front of you that you set up with your age, sex, weight and amount of cardio you do a week on average. This gives you a personalised experience when it comes to calories burned etc throughout the class. The display throughout the class tells you the resistance you are cycling with, the watts you are cycling at, your reps per min, FTW %, Calories burned, distance in KM and KM per hour. Quite a lot of info right?! For me that was a good thing and in 45 mins I burned over 300 calories not bad at all. The display also flashes a series of different colours.Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White all to do with the levels that you’re working at. At the end you can toggle your display to tell you how long you spent in each of those zones. The class itself was made up of high intensity intervals and I personally respond best to that kind of training when it comes to cardio. It took me a while to get into the terminology and how the class was led but once I got into the swing of it I loved it. The Instructor we had taking the class was Josh, the manager and he was clearly passionate about it so we got the best experience we could.

What added to the class (apart from the snazzy bikes, shoes and instructor) was the ambience and feel of the room/atmosphere. The house lights were down and we had various colourful sort of disco lights from the sides on the room, with a few spots on the ceiling and a spotlight on Josh. The music was great and loud so this all helped get you lost in the class completely. 


After class, we were given a tour about the venue. The changing facilities are superb, a lovely changing room with toiletries and everything so that you don’t need to carry loads of stuff with you all day if you want to do class. There was also a lovely stretching/chill out area downstairs too which for me would be great to head to after class to cool down and stretch fully before heading back outside especially when winter feels like it has properly hit us in London now.

All in all we had a great time and I would really recommend heading down and trying it out. Whether you’re a spin veteran or a complete newbie, these classes cater to everyone who wants to work hard and have a great time too! For a limited time you can grab yourself a free class using code SPINJAN on their website when buying credits- So now you really have no excuse! I’ll definitely be going back again to try their other class too, the choreographed class to dance music- sounds great!

Char x

Here are some more images of the venue, come and take a tour through my eyes:




The London Health Show

This post is in Collaboration with Fit Londoners

Yesterday I headed to The London Health Show with Fit Londoners. Fit Londoners are a growing fitness hub based in London and will very soon be the place to go to hear all the buzz around all things Health and Fitness in London. So come an follow us and ‘Work out the London way’ We were quite the team yesterday, Myself and Sammy presenting and interviewing people, five photographers/videographers, the event manager of Fit Londoners for this occasion and Roshane from Fit Londoners HQ.


The event was held at London Olympia and was actually a launch event so the first London Health Show to be held. There were lots of exhibitors from different realms of health and fitness from supplements, to new fitness apps, to gyms and new classes to massage therapy. As well as all of these stalls and stands there was also a live Demo area where there were interactive sessions and we obviously joined in! As soon as we arrived and set ourselves up in an area it was time to go and join in with a demo from ‘Jumping Fitness’. This was something I had seen on the internet before and there are some crazy classes about! You each have a trampette that has a handle on the front for your stability. It was hard! WAY harder than he made it look, especially when it came to trying to get your knees up! Here’s a picture of me and Sammy joining in the fun:


We then spent some time making our way around the exhibition centre speaking with Brands finding out who they are and what they were representing. One of my favourites was meeting Tessa Seward who is known on Instagram as @londonpaleogirl. She is the Founder of CoFro, frozen coconut yoghurt. I have been following her for some time and her product is Vegan and a healthy alternative to ice cream and frozen yoghurt. I topped my sample with Pip and Nut Coconut Almond Butter- a match made in heaven! Go and give her a follow on Instagram and you can keep up to date and hopefully catch her at one of her next pop-ups in London.



Anyone who knows me know that if I am presented with a challenge, I’m going to take it. So when I popped by the British Military Fitness stand and saw two challenges and leaderboards, I was not about to pass them up! There was a weighted russian twist challenge with a variety of medicine balls and a squat thrusters challenge with a core bag. Each challenge was how many reps you could get in one minute. I topped both leaderboards when I left the Show with 83 Russian Twists with an 8kg ball and 45 Squat Thrusters with 10kg. The winner of each challenge across both days of the health show would win one month of classes- great right!


We also joined in a Zumba class and tried out some Hula Fit, both good, fun ways to keep fit or get into fitness if the idea of going to a regular gym isn’t your kind of thing.

Fit Londoners made some great contacts and connections yesterday and we managed to capture most of or day on camera so be sure to keep an eye out on Fit Londoners social media profiles for the launch of their youtube channel so you can see exactly what we got up to, interviews with The London Health Show organisers (Oliver Kinross), various brands  and classes we took part in! These are just some of my highlights of the day so stay tuned for  the full video tour of our experience!

Twitter: @fitlondoners

Instagram: @fitlondoners

Given the HUGE success of this years launch event, The London Health have confirmed they’ll be back for 2017 already making it an annual event.

Sammy and I had a really great day and had a great team around us ensuring it all went smoothly and we could have as much fun as possible with it!

Char x

fit londoner