A week in my shoes 

Quite often I get asked ‘What’s a typical day for you?’ unfortunately I don’t really have a ‘typical’ day from one to the next. Due to my training and work, every day is different so it is much easier to share with you a fairly typical week in my shoes at the moment.


So, I am currently 10 weeks out before the big competition date and this is what was in store for me last week:

Last week’s Daily Calorie Intake: 2350- 40% Carbs, 35% Fat, 25% Protein.


Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

9 am– LEG DAY! Glutes, Quads, Calves with Artur

12.30pm– HIIT- Sprints and Abs

2pm– Shopping for Fitness clothes for a photoshoot

4pm-9.30pm- Work- It was press night for the new show so a fair bit busier than usual

10.30pm– Get home, relax, eat Protein Oats (obviously!)



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

11.30am– Measurements then Chest and Back with Artur. My measurements showed great progress across our 11 weeks training together so far, have a look in my previous post here!

1pm– Coffee and Blogging

3.30pm Work- delivery, carrying stock up and down three flights of stairs (another workout in itself!)

6pm-9.30pm Work

10.15-11.15pm Gym- HIIT- Interval sprints and Abs



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

9am– Leg day No.2- Hamstrings with Artur

1pm-4.15pm Work

6pm-9.30pm Work



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

10am– Shoulders and Arms with Artur

12pm– Blogging

2pm– HIIT- Interval Sprints and Abs

3.30pm– Blogging

6pm- 9.30pm– Work



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

Morning– Cleaning the flat, Blogging and food prep for the day

2.15pm– Leg Day No.3 with Artur followed by Abs

6pm-9.30pm Work



Wake up, Black coffee and food prep for the day

9am- Abs

10am– Fasted Spin (Artur’s class)

11.30am-4.15pm Work

6pm-9.30pm Work

After I’ve finished work I need to get the train to Jessica’s in Essex and then quickly rehearse for Sunday



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

10.30am-3.30pm– Partner Acro Yoga photoshoot with Jessica for Festival Studio Photography

5pm- Travel back to London

7.30pm– Home for dinner and relax


So as you can see this week was pretty busy and hectic for me. Lots of training around work and blogging. Due to my shoot on Sunday and working a few extra hours, I also didn’t have a full rest day this week.  Normally I like to keep Sundays (where possible) as rest days because it is really important to give your body a break and let it recover. Rest days are just as important as training days so that you don’t burn out. Next week I will be taking FULL advantage of my Sunday rest day as well as brunch at 26grains with Tyla!

There is a little insight into a week in my shoes. Coming soon will also be a post about what I eat in a day too as I know that fascinates quite a few of you too!

Char x


11 weeks in, 11 weeks out 

Hey guys!

Thought I’d give you an update on my progression in my training so far. I am currently 11 weeks into my training and have 11 to go until my competition. So at the half way point where am I?


This was a summary written up by my trainer, Artur;

11/2015 – 54.4kg and 19% body fat

16/1/16 – 57.8kg and 14.75% body fat

Give or take human error that’s 3kg gain in pure muscle, and a drop of 3.5/4% body fat!

And as if that wasn’t enough, strength gains in 9 weeks as well!

32.5kg x 5 reps bench press to 40kg x 7 reps

60kg x 5 reps squats to 70kg x 8 reps

It just proves that you can gain muscle and drop body fat at the same time. You just have to train smart and eat well. What’s more is that it was all done on a vegan diet again proving that I don’t NEED meat and eggs to gain muscle.


I am so happy with my progress and can’t wait to see what my body will be like when it’s competition ready! Bring on the next 11 weeks!

There’s one person I could do this without though and that’s my amazing trainer Artur Pavlos. My results are proving exactly that, that he is amazing! Thank you!



Here’s to the next 11 weeks!

Char x

All images taken by Michael Barry for North Four

The Importance of Setting Goals

In Summer 2015 someone sent me this picture:


Instagram: @elle_fit

At the point that I received a screenshot of this image, I was teaching dance at summer camp. On my breaks/afternoons off/ days off you would have generally caught me either working out on the monkey bars near by or practicing yoga on the grass outside. I had managed to nail forearm stands, chin/chest stands and various handstands and was feeling pretty proud. Then I think it was my sister who sent this to me with what I can only assume to have been accompanied by a message of amazement. Me and my friend Abi, who was with me at camp when I got the message, just looked at the photo in amazement, rotating my phone 360 degrees trying to workout how this position was even possible. Then I gave it a go and couldn’t even get up there; I suddenly had so much admiration for Elle and anybody able to even get into this position- it requires a lot of core strength and well, all over strength to get into it never mind hold it. It was then that I decided that this was something I would work my way towards.

I took a step away from it and started my training for fitness modelling just doing bits of yoga to supplement this training but nothing too advanced. I then came back to this pose with a stronger mind and body and nailed it. I am not at all trying to say that yoga is about just creating shapes because it is so much more than that, but this for me was a goal to achieve and I am proud to have achieved it. Now I can work on moving in and out of it and relaxing in my time up there working through my breathing. That is the next stage for this position for me. I’d also like to be able to lift my straight leg a little higher to a more horizontal line.


So why is it important to set goals:

  1. They are something to work towards
  2. They will keep you focused and motivated- Long term vision, Short term motivation
  3. It can be easier to track progress
  4. They can turn mountains into mole hills
  5. They tell you what you really want


What sort of goals should you be setting?

Sure, make big goals something you really want to achieve but know its going to be a journey to get there. They will keep you motivated long term, but you should also set smaller goals along the way too, trackable goals to mark your progress and spur you on further. These goals help our self confidence, focus, and motivation to stay on track for the bigger goals.

Here’s a personal example for you.

My BIG Goal

To compete as a fitness model in April 2016

My Smaller Goals

  • To improve my posture and stop hunching/rolling my shoulders forward
  • Write for my blog more often, improving my writing skills and furthermore increasing engagement with my blog
  • To be able to sprint at level 19 on the treadmill for all 10 sprints in  my hit training.

That is just an example of what I am working for and focusing on daily. I have other goals I am working on that are and aren’t geared towards my competition prep. I am just happy right now that I have achieved one of 2016’s big goals in that headstand at the top of this post.

Have you got any goals you are working towards? Large or Small, they’re all important. Let me know!


Char x

I’ve fallen in Love 💪👊 Training Update

I thought I would give you all a quick update in my training and how it’s all going for me. 
I’ve fallen completely in love with my training and this lifestyle. For me it isn’t a chore to go to the gym, to eat a certain way or to get my head in the game. I don’t get that ‘eugh I can’t be bothered today’ merely because I love training and actually can’t wait to get back into the gym.

At the moment I am about 8 weeks or so into my training and have already seen so much progress and my body seems to be responding well to the training. I’ve managed to gain about 4kilos of muscle which is great whilst my body fat has been coming down, and even over Christmas has stayed under 16%!

I have decided that I would like to compete in April. I’ll tell you when exactly, when I have registered for the competition-probably in about a week or so. But the end of April is about 15 or so weeks away so that is my time frame. Sure, April sounds a while away, but 15weeks actually sounds like nothing and I know it will all come around SO quickly!

I currently train 5 days a week with my trainer, Artur and another day alone or with my gym partner Tyla. At the moment four of those days are double gym days where I’ll train weights with Artur and then go back later on and do core and cardio either by myself or with Tyla. I honestly couldn’t wish for a more supportive gym- Puregym Finsbury Park! All of the trainers chat to me, ask me how I’m getting on, what’s next, talk about my progress. It’s a really great place to be!

I’m booked onto a posing camp in February to teach me about posing, walking, tans, THE WORKS! I’ll get to speak to professionals and get as much advice as I possibly can squeeze out of them about competing for the first time!

I have a couple of very exciting meetings this week so keep your eyes peeled!

Char x

She wants to do what now?! ~ A new journey 💪🏻🏋🏼

The cat is about to be well and truly out of the bag. Before I told everyone I needed to speak with my parents and make sure they were excited about my new journey. Not because I’m twelve and need their permission but because their respect, support and excitement means a lot to me and they deserved more than to find out through my blog or social media.

My new journey is a some what controversial one and I know I’ll get mixed reviews but I’m passionate about it and haven’t been so excited about anything like I am about this in some time. So even if you do not appreciate the end result of what I am going to be working towards, please respect the hard work, commitment, dedication and sheer passion that is going to go into this, and already is, in order for me to get there and think to yourself whether you have that sort of gusto inside of you.

For years now as some of you who really know me know, fitness has been a huge part of my life. The medium may have changed as to how I’ve involved myself in fitness but it has been a huge part of my life for a long time. Along the way I picked up an interest in female bodybuilding. Now, I never thought I would have the opportunity to pursue it but the opportunity has presented itself. I’ve figured if I’ve wanted to do it for so long I owe it to myself to give it a good go and what the heck I’m young, driven and passionate about it so why the heck not?!

You’re probably thinking one or many of these things:

* but she’s vegan

* But she’s so small

* But she’s a girl

* Girls shouldn’t have muscles

* She’s going to get hooked on steroids

* That’s gross

* She’s going to get really big and look stupid

Or you might be thinking:

* I respect that

* Good on her

* That’s commitment

* I want to follow this journey

* I wish I was so passionate about something

* It doesn’t surprise me

* Well done

Or maybe you’re thinking a mixture of those things and more!

Now let me set things straight. I will be looking to enter a competition around May sort of time 2016 to take to the stage in a sparkly bikini, heels, super fake tan and flex like crazy. I will not take steroids or anything of the sort, I’ll be going about this in a healthy way and cutting corners is going to get me nowhere- never mind the crazy health risks are you insane?! I am very aware of the fact I have a very small frame so I won’t be looking like the next Arnie, I will be gaining and building muscle but let’s be serious i can’t go getting too big can I?! I’m interested in entering the fitness model class so if you research and look at that they aren’t huge and neither will I be.I am vegan yes, but this does not mean that I can’t do this, sure it is harder to get a really high protein content in without my carbs being sky high too but it isn’t impossible and I’m going to prove it can be done, not for you but for me!

I have a FANTASTIC trainer Artur Pavlos. We train together five days a week at Puregym Finsbury Park hitting chest, back, legs, shoulders and arms and we train core most days other than leg day too. I am in my fourth week of training and the progress in strength, body composition and confidence is already huge. I couldn’t think of a better person to get me to where I want to be, I fully trust this guy and know we’ll get there together. It also helps that he’s really excited about what we’re working towards and what we’re going to achieve too. Sure, I throw the odd tantrum when my forearms pack up or when leg day is not being my friend but we have fun training too and when I don’t feel too mentally strong he sorts that out and is full of support. So no matter your goal if you’re about Finsbury Park, London this is the guy you want to be training with!

I have one rest day a week where I allow my body to recuperate and I stay clear of the gym and this is generally a Saturday.

Photo: Move your Frame

Then we have Sunday Funday. I spend Sunday’s with my amazing gym partner Tyla. We met at the gym and she is one of Artur’s clients too (how we met). It all started with a ‘If Artur’s ever on holiday we should train together’ and now we’re making plans to train together every Sunday and fit in a lunch or juice or something that day too. We hit our core hard and then pick up any other training we feel we want to do that week too. Last week we did hot yoga and core and this week we did core and legs. I cannot express the importance of having a great gym partner. We share the same interests and passions and really know how to motivate and pick each other up. We know how to work each other super hard when we need to but also how to have fun and lighten up and laugh at ourselves too! We have created an Instagram and Twitter account for our activities, progress and mainly our obsession with porridge (true!) so go and give us a follow at @liftlaughlunch and @liftlaughlunch


Honestly couldn’t want for more in a friend and gym partner along this journey!

So there you have it, the cat’s out of the bag and that’s what I’m working towards. I am really excited and passionate about this so it would be really great if you could be excited with me. I already can’t wait to see how far I can go with this, I’ve wanted it for so long!

Mum, Dad, Jessica, Tyla, Artur thank you all so much for your support and excitement so far. You’re all amazing and mean so much to me!
If anyone has any questions just ask away!