Why I shouldn’t be your #bodygoals

As a health and fitness blogger I try and keep to a rounded selection of content from food, to supplements, to training, to recipes, to my body…. At the moment it has been VERY competition prep based. Why? Well that’s my life right now I am 5 weeks out from my next competition, surrounded by others on prep and if I don’t make it my life and throw everything into it, there’s no real point in doing it. I’m very all or nothing and if I get relaxed about my prep, well it’s self explanatory, the results won’t come!


So why shouldn’t you want your body to look like mine?

My body is sitting at around 10% body fat and I’m 55kg- that means that of my entire body only about 5.5kg of that is fat. It is recommended that women shouldn’t have a body fat percentage lower than 10% as that is the lowest necessary level for normal body function. But let’s take a moment to remember that I am in prep for a purely aesthetics based competition and to be a serious contender I need those lower levels of body fat. A normal healthy woman shouldn’t really be striving for this level of body fat.

It can happen at different levels of body fat for different girls BUT I have now stopped having my period. This is just one example of how my body is dealing with what is being thrown at it. At first when it happened for a couple of months I started taking pregnancy tests because of the paranoid person that I am even though I knew it was impossible for that to be the answer, given where my romantic status is right now… (You catch my drift- oh hey immaculate conception…)

After this competition I am looking to take a year until I compete again for a couple of reasons:

• my body needs a break and to work its way back to a healthy state of internal homeostasis

• I want to build more muscle and if I’m constantly cutting and in a calorie deficit then that cannot happen

So while I LOVE competing and competition prep, if I want to keep doing it for quite some time I need to be sensible and strategic about it.

I post progress pictures and flexed six pack pictures because I’m proud of myself. I am proud of what I am achieving, the progress I’m making and how I’m getting on in my competition prep. Whilst I am super proud of myself this doesn’t mean you should want my abs, or my new found back muscles and pecs.


So if I don’t want to inspire you with my body, how do I want to be inspiring you?

I would love you to be inspired by my positive outlook on life, my attitude towards goal setting and smashing those goals, my ideals of uplifting people and supporting each other even if they are your competition and if I can have this attitude in life, you can too!


After my competition I will be progressively gaining some more body fat to a healthy and maintainable level and maybe once I’m there, my body could inspire you to get that butt in the gym. But for now I shouldn’t be your body inspiration.

If I can inspire you to make healthy changes and life choices, encourage some more body confidence and self love then I will be one happy bunny.

Please just remember I am prepping for a bodybuilding bikini competition that is purely aesthetics based and only maintainable for a short period of time.

Big love Char xxx


Peak Week: 6


Day 6 of Peak Week

Final day of training today! Madness after 5 months of training with Artur it’s my last session before the big day.

It was a super early start for me, Tyla asked if I’d join her at the gym in the morning before she went to work so we got to the gym for 7.30am for fasted cardio and abs. The early start was hard BUT the session was good and I felt good during it! Party because I knew it was my last cardio session for a while haha!

Afterwards I headed to Woodgreen on the scout for anymore sparkly jewellery I could get my hands on. I found THE perfect bracelet and for only £3 too! So that made me very happy!

Then I met Tyla on her lunch break and this was the most important part of my day for sure…. We jumped on a bus to Camden to a place called Cookies and Scream. If you’ve never head me talk about it before, it’s a vegan gluten free bakery full of all of the delicious naughtiness! We went there to pick up some post-comp treats. This is will power and restraint at it’s best! I have two donuts, a cookie and a brownie chocolatey biscuity slab of greatness just sat there calling my name. But come Saturday night, they will be no more.

After that it was time to train legs with Artur. It was a more circuit based session because we didn’t want to destroy my body before Saturday. It was good, my body is tired and at the end it all overwhelmed me. It suddenly clicked that it was my last session, I still didn’t know how I was eating tomorrow or comp day and I have to leave mine at 10am tomorrow. I suddenly felt scared and unprepared and broke down to Michelle the gym manager. She was wonderful, I couldn’t ask for a more supportive gym manager!

I headed home, spoke to some fellow competitors who helped me out and calmed me down. I did a food shop and prepped and packed all of my things for the next two days. I was now very excited. During all of my packing and prepping I procrastinated quite hard and was just snap chatting Lisa Miller with my post comp treats Hhaha!

I drenched my body and hair in coconut oil knowing that after my final shower and exfoliation tomorrow I couldn’t moisturise again until after the show. I didn’t want my skin to have dry patches to I gave it every fighting chance it had.

Alarm set for 7am, then it’s all systems go to head to Margate for my tan!

Char x

Peak Week: 5


Day 5 of Peak Week

All I can say is thank goodness today was better than yesterday! Girls, in situations like yesterday talc and sudocrem are your besties!

Today I started the day with upper body with Artur, shoulders, a bit of back and triceps too. It was a good session. I’ve previously had problems with my shoulders and had one strapped up a couple of weeks ago but luckily they were behaving for me yesterday and didn’t hurt in an injured kind of way…. Just burned through the workout hahha We finished the session with a little fun exercise with press-up jumps onto medicine balls. Once I found the confidence in myself to not fall in my face, it was fun!

Then I had a break with some food downstairs in the gym before heading back upstairs to hit interval sprints and abs. Come on Lower Abs you know you want to come out to play!

Before work I headed central early to pick up all my make up for Saturday. SO CLOSE NOW! *confession* I may have also stopped by Holland and Barrett and bought more treats for post- comp in the form of vegan marshmallows, a chocolate Easter bunny and some mint dark chocolate penguins…. Oops! Got quite the little collection coming together.

It was my last evening at work tonight before the competition and I was treated with a hand drawn card from Sophia and a lovely are from Rich too wishing me luck. So lovely! Tomorrow I am off work so I can get all of my stuff together and try and get a good nights sleep before heading down/up to Margate for my tan Friday. Eeeeeeeek!

So so close now. Gotta keep pushing those last couple of days!

Char x

Peak Week: 4


Day 4 of Peak Week

Today was completely mixed with all sorts of feelings, emotions and experiences….

I started the day with my protein zoats and meal prep for the day and then headed into the gym for leg day.

It was a great session, my legs tired quite easily today BUT it was a great session nevertheless ….

Now this is where my day got very interesting….

I headed for my comp-prep-wax….. I chose a place that seemed reputable and offered all kinds of plastic surgery and Botox and what not too so figured a wax was the easiest of things they do there, let’s go there. I get to the clinic and it looks like a nice place, security coded private treatment rooms and friendly people on reception. It was my first wax of this kind and my nerves had settled and I thought to myself- ‘it can’t be as bad as epilating my legs so it’s fine’…. Boy was I wrong. Had I have gone anywhere else it would have been fine… But here’s how the story unfolded…

I get into the treatment room:(paraphrased)

Technician: what am I doing for you today?
Me: (thinks – great, she doesn’t even know why I’m here…) A Hollywood wax please…
Technician: okay

I hop onto the bed, blah blah, small talk, blah blah

Technician: my manager forgot to turn the wax on so I hope it’s okay
Me: (thinks: wonderful, filling me with a lot of confidence here) Okay sure….

We start the wax….

Technician: eugh this wax is so crap!
Me: (small nervous laugh)

Technician: this kind of wax should really be done with hot wax and this is warm wax soooooo
Me: ( thinks- I’ve explained it’s my first time- all for self maintenance … You’re not so good at this customer care thing… Filling me with lots of confidence)
Technician: eugh I’ve never used such crap wax…

At this point we’re well into the treatment and I’m a little concerned as to what things look like down there. I’d told her why I was having the wax etc so it’s not like it was just for the sheer hell of it, in 4days I’m stepping on stage in a tiny bikini and want to feel comfortable.

I stopped with the small talk and went quiet trying not to cry as I felt super uncomfortable in her hands.

Technician: okay we’re done

I threw on my clothes, went to reception, quickly paid and left trying to keep my shit together. There were other clients in the reception and other staff there and I was mortified and trying not to cry so I left without saying anything. Later I emailed them a complaint explaining the above and how mortified I was….. I left and she hadn’t even done a full job- I could have done a better job myself. So I left with half a job done, still wax in my bikini area and so sore that I then couldn’t return to the gym for my second session after work.

They’re refunding me- rightly so! But it was not the experience I should have had and four days out from stepping on stage, I could have done with things going a lot smoother! (Literally!)

So there we have it. Day 4 of peak weak was some what of a disaster…. Let’s hope tomorrow is better!

Char x

Peak week: 2


Day 2 of Peak Week

Today was rest day for me so no trips to the  gym. I’ve found that as the competition nears, rest days make me anxious. I know it’s ridiculous because my body needs the time to rest, build, recover and prepare for the next workout.

I woke up with huge veins in my lower abs and some little squiggly ones creeping into my uppers too so that was a great way to start my day!

I ended up working a shift at the pub I used to work it to get myself a little disposable income since the tax man hasn’t been so kind lately and the competition has and still is costing a lot. After competition I want to be able to go out for dinner etc so a little bit of pocket money helps!

The only major downside to this was that I could snack on the crispy roast potatoes in the work kitchen anymore. No seriously, the downside was that I couldn’t eat between 1-5, so I turned up early to eat my couscous, asparagus and spinach before my shift started and then ate as soon as I got home. It was good to be back there, people were happy to see me too so that was a nice feeling.

After work I came home and relaxed for a bit, no work, no blogging, anything. I just popped on Netflix with a cuppa and relaxed. Blissful!

Then things got a little less relaxing…

I decided to buy an epilator for my legs, arms and underarms to prep for my competition….At £50 it was FAR cheaper than paying to have it all waxed. Now, people told me it would hurt…. But MY WORD! I was not prepared AT ALL! I’m pretty sure the box should come with either a few doses of morphine or a complimentary bottle of Vodka to drink neat through the pain. It’s weird, it’s not a pain where I can cry or scream, it silenced me and made me pull all sorts of facial expressions as it felt like needles were being stabbed up my legs. (SUCH A GIRL!) I did one leg, had a break and used the electric shaver attachment on one arm, then had to talk myself int the second leg. The second leg took longer because I knew how much it would hurt and just had to keep egging myself on with the reward being that I could do my other arm after and that was painless. I sound pathetic right?! But seriously so sore!

Not quite the relaxing pre-bedtime activity…

Afterwards I had my final meal to eat. Protein sorbet. Haaaaaaaalllujah! It was delightful and I’ll be sharing the recipe with you shortly.

So day two done. Feeling good, now for a week of training and prep. Catch you tomorrow!

Char x

Peak Week:1


Day 1 of Peak week

Today was the start of peak week for me. That is the final 7 days leading up to the competition day. Food wise we started by upping my carbs and dropping my protein so that we can manipulate them as the week goes on. Hooray for oats again!

I started my day with a big bowl of zoats and a black coffee before heading to the gym before work. I did Artur’s spin class followed by some abs. Spin was hard today! Harder than I remember but it’s all about how you push yourself in spin and the resistance you add etc.

Then I headed to work to deliver stock across three floors- pretty much another workout in itself! Saturday’s are double show days so we had a show at 2.30 to serve for before a massive break until the 7.30 show.

In my break I was invited to an event with Protein Haus to talk about Vegan weight training as part of a talk with Courtney Pruce- The Clean Eatin Guide and Carli- the Founder of Protein Haus. There were about 20-25 people there who had all done a HIIT session with Courtney as well before the talk. It was super fun sharing how I eat and what not as a vegan who trains so much. I’m looking forward to doing more with Protein Haus.


On my way back to work I met my sister who was lending me her black sweatpants for my tan next week and a silk gown to go over my bikini next week too. It’s alllllll coming together!

Then after another stint at work I headed home to chill out for an evening which was very much welcomed.

So how did day 1 of peak week have me feeling?

After having three weeks of low carbs I actually found it quite hard to work out so many carbs into my food plan for the day! It’s mad because it’s no more carbs than I was on four weeks ago! I found that going from 15% carbs to about 35% left me feeling quite fluffy and filled out so I’m looking forward to how my body will look and feel as my carbs come down through the week. My body is going to be changing daily now and that really excites me! I had lots of energy today from the food change and it really helped with such a long day.

Here’s to day 2!

Char x