The Butterfly Effect

We’ll get onto the title of this post a little later. Let’s first focus on comparison. ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. It’s true. I’m sure it’s a saying you’re all familiar with, I always believed it BUT when you combat it and actually stop comparing yourself to others, you do realise how much joy it was taking…

I recently spoke in a YouTube video about how I’m on the other side of a journey out of comparing my running to others’. When I was starting back out running, I’d forever be comparing my post-run Strava posts and performance to everything that I saw on there. I also approached my training in a way that would make my post run posts allow me to be perceived a certain way. When I write it out now it seems so silly BUT it is SO easy to do especially when you’re starting out. When all you see is Instagram pumping out posts saying ‘x’ pace is a good ‘easy’ pace and you’re not even close. When ‘x’ time is great for just throwing in a 5km into your week and again, you’re not close even on a good day…

It’s a weird thing to admit. That you perhaps wouldn’t take your easy runs as easy as you should have done in fear of what that made you look like on Strava; or that you’re saying your run was an easy run when it was more tempo effort. It happens more than you know.

Looking back, it really does disappoint me. Not in a way that I’m disappointed in myself, but in way where so much energy was expended worrying about these things when in reality, no one cares. It makes no difference to anyone else, the pace you’re running your easy run at. Those easy runs are your bread and butter. They’re your endurance builders. They’re there to help you recover from hard sessions and help your body run more efficiently. So…. why push too hard in those sessions and jeopardise all of the benefits they’re meant to bring? I’m telling you now, it’s not worth it. Run those easy runs, easy!

You will have your chance to perform and prove yourself. Whether it be in races, events, time trials- whatever that looks like for you, that time will come. When that time comes, you’ll be thankful that you didn’t throw your easy runs.

So that’s pacing… what about distance you should be running? There seems to be this weird unwritten rule on social media where a run only counts if it’s 5km or longer. Let’s just throw that in the bin right away. Any distance is a good distance. If you’ve only got 15 minutes to head out, clear your head and get some fresh air then turn that thinking around… instead of limited thinking of- ‘I’ve only got 15 minutes’, tell yourself- ‘I’ve got a whole 15 minutes’ to get out and run.

Remember, everyone runs for their own reasons, each run might have it’s own reason too. For example, I may be training for a huge ultra but that doesn’t mean that I can’t just head out for 20 minutes easy to clear my head and connect with my dog. You may be training for an ultra where speed training over a short distance isn’t a focus… and comparing your 5km efforts to someone whose goal is to run a 5km PB. They simply aren’t comparable. When we’re looking at Strava, or Instagram captions, they’re isolated instances, appreciate that person’s efforts but don’t let them diminish your own.

So now I’ve turned this around for running, it could really be applied to all aspects of life. Comparing your career to someone else’s? Comparing your family unit to someone else’s? Comparing your perception of success with someone else’s life? Tell me truthfully, does doing that make you happy? I’m going to hazard a guess at the answer to that being no… This is also a work in progress for me. I’ve just turned 31 and it would be easy to compare where I am and what I have achieved with others BUT it’s the butterfly effect isn’t it…. if you changed even the smallest detail along the way, your life could take SUCH a difference course. So if you were to then ask me if I’d change a single thing, my answer would always be no. If my life had have been different in even the smallest of ways, I wouldn’t have Bonnie or Mark, I wouldn’t have just graced the cover of Women’s Running Magazine and have some of the amazing opportunities I have now. It’s amazing to think, some of our best days are yet to happen.

My advice- stop focusing on the things that could have happened differently, or how successful someone ‘seems’ in comparison to you, or battling with your own perception of the timeline you should be following. Focus instead on the amazing things you have, the people around you and the things you can do, if change is what you want. Then, go out and do something about it instead of just stewing on it.

It’s time I also took my own advice instead of living a very ‘do as I say, not as I do‘ life…

Char x

Tales from the Waterfall Country

In my return to blogging I’m super excited to share with you mine and Bonnie’s latest trip to the Waterfall Country, Wales.

I love writing and after a break I am back. Since starting to spend more time outside, I often find it hard to shorten everything I want to say, into an Instagram caption…so here we are. You’re lucky over here to get my full ramblings!


This weekend Bonnie [my dog] and I headed to Ystradfellte in the Brecon Beacons for a hike. We were supposed to be running a trail half marathon along the Jurassic Coast but due to injury we made a switch. My injury has kept adventures on hold for a few weeks and I was just itching to get out. The Waterfall country did not disappoint so grab a cuppa and read all about it below.

I found the route we planned to walk on Komoot. The beauty of Komoot is that other people submit photos of key points along the route so you can get a preview of the highlights you’re going to see. It also has the feature where you can select a highlight like ‘Sgwd Yr Eira Waterfall’ and you can see all of the routes in the app that have that waterfall on the route and choose your distance to suit. We chose the Full Waterfall walk which is around 17.5km. You can save the route to your Komoot profile and follow it as you go. Since I hike alone [until Mark is back from deployment] I download the gpx file and upload it to my watch [Garmin Fenix 6 pro] and use that to guide me to save my phone battery.

Onto the Adventure

03.59 I woke, one minute before my alarm… I’m always conflicted when this happens…. was I anxious that I would miss my alarm or was I just ready to get up? At that time of the morning I’d probably say it was the former.

First things first. Coffee! Bonnie was still in bed and stayed there until it was time to leave- she’s not so enthusiastic about 4am alarms. I went downstairs, made myself a coffee- conscious to be quiet so I didn’t wake anyone else. Heading back upstairs, happy with my coffee in hand, it was time to get ready for our adventure.

The forecast was set to pour with rain so I’d set out layers, waterproofs and spare kit to travel home in. The aim was to stay as dry as possible- knowing that completely dry was not an option. I’d been fortunate to receive a PR package from Sweaty Betty the day before with their new Thermodynamic thermal running leggings and quarter zip top. The timing couldn’t have been more impeccable, they were perfect.

Car packed up, hot chocolate in my flask and Bonnie finally up and ready to go, we set off on our adventure in the pitch black while the world was still sleeping. It was just over a two hour drive for us from Warwickshire to the Gwaun Hepste car park. As we were nearing the carpark, there were waterfalls to the sides of the road and I found myself getting emotional. HOW could it be this beautiful?! We were the first car there, perfect! For anyone planning to go, if you get there before 8am parking is £4 for the day, after 8am £5. They have two ticket machines and accept cash and card, so you shouldn’t be caught short and unable to get a ticket. I had no signal in and around the carpark, so I’d definitely recommend making sure you had your route planned ahead of arrival.

I loaded up our route on my watch and off we went. A real talent [read shortcoming] of mine is to head off on a looped route and actually be walking it in reverse…. yeah, that happened. Generally speaking it’s not a huge problem if it does happen because I’m still just following a dot on a map… just backwards and ignoring all instructions to try and get us back on the actual route. At the start, given how early we were beginning our hike, it was a real blessing because it meant we had this waterfall all to ourselves to get such an amazing snap and feel like we could take it all in- rather than feeling rushed to move on because everyone else is waiting- that happened later at the others.

Sgwd Clun-gwyn Waterfall

To be there by ourselves was such a luxury and quite overwhelming to take it all in. The waterfall itself felt so powerful, mighty and unapologetically fierce. Like, imagine if that was how someone described you, how epic would that be. Stood there in that moment, just me, Bonnie and potentially the most powerful moment I’ve ever felt in nature, it all made sense why I do what I do. It’s in those moments that you realise how much you are missing when you don’t go and explore all that the great outdoors has to offer. You learn a lot about yourself when you go out on adventures like this alone. You aren’t chatting the whole way…. [well, to be honest, I do actually talk to Bonnie a lot along the way…but there’s no two way conversation]. I don’t listen to anything, I don’t want to miss anything along the way so when you aren’t in awe of the expanse in front of you, you’re often lost in your own thoughts.

Back to the hike… we left this waterfall and continued along our route through the wooded trails, starting to come across others starting out their walks. We were SO spoilt with the weather. I’d come out in a long sleeve, thermal layer over the top, a gilet and a waterproof coat…. I was so hot after expecting it to be cold and wet all day!

About a fifth of the way into the route we found ourselves out of the trails and walking along a roadside… This was NOT what I came here for– was all I could think the whole way along this road. The road led into a village and in total made up about 2/5 of the entire route. If I was to go again [which I undoubtedly will when Mark is back], I’d plot my own route to try and keep to trails because this was the least enjoyable section and made up a lot of the total route.

The start of the long road that was never ending

Back to the trails. It was around the Dinas carpark we managed to jump back onto the trails and we were back chasing waterfalls [hurrah]. We picked the pace back up and marched past this lovely group of people who let us past…. little did we know we’d see them twice more as we kept diverting from the route. On we went to another waterfall, just a small detour from the route but lovely. It was a slippery steep climb down but it was worth it. This was was of those moments where you feel rushed to quickly snap and move on because there were people above that didn’t want to climb down, trying to take photos.

Sychryd Waterfall

We climbed back up to the top and jumped back onto our actual route again… back behind the group we’d previously passed. We caught up with them and on our second pass- they asked if we were on round two already- haha no… just took a detour for a waterfall. On we went. We were still yet to come across the waterfall I’d read about that you could pass behind…

I was so happy to be back on the trails, a small light shower of rain came and went but we weren’t phased since we’d set out expecting a full day of pouring rain. There it was! The waterfall I’d be waiting and hoping for. It was HUGE! So loud, so powerful and actually, the closer you got… the scarier it seemed. If you remember, at the beginning, I said we’d actually set out on the reverse of the route… that was about to be a problem…

We were making our way down the rocky descent to the base of the waterfall… until we see a sign that says ‘Turn around point’… uh oh. Maybe you can’t walk behind it after all. I could see a huge group of people in the other side walking toward the waterfall but I was yet to see anyone pass through from one side to the other. I figured that sign was there for a reason on this side so I did turn around and we started making our way back up to the top of the trails. I didn’t have any signal, but I could access the route on Komoot so I started looking for an alternative to passing through the waterfall. We HAD to find a way over the water since we were parked on that side somewhere… I walked back and forth on this one section unable to find an alternative [without adding sooooooo many more kms onto our alreadt fairly long walk] and getting frustrated. Sod it. Surely, if you can pass from the other side to this side, then you should be able to pass from this side to the other side. I decided we had no choice but to do it.

We start the descent again to the base of the waterfall. Guess who is in front of us again…. The same group we’d passed twice before.

Them: “are we missing lots or something?”
Me: “no…. I’ve been down here once already and it seems if I want to get back to my car… I have to go through!”
Them: “through?!!
Me: “yep. Time to put the jacket back on!”

Luckily on the final steps down, there were two people coming towards us SOAKING they’d walked through. If they could, we could. The closer we got, the more powerful it got. I was scared, so was Bonnie but I knew it was possible. In order to keep Bonnie safe passing behind it, I HAD to be confident. The sheer power of the wind generated from the falling water and the spray, made it quite difficult. The path between the sheet of plummeting water and the wall behind it was narrow. One foot in front of the other, staying close to the wall, it was loud, SO loud. Bonnie didn’t like it, it must’ve felt so much more for her. I picked her up. Moments later we emerged from behind this waterfall. WE WERE DRENCHED. It was all very dramatic, me emerging cradling Bonnie in my arms and then it hit me. The adrenaline. The buzz. THAT WAS FANTASTIC! What a thrill! We hadn’t gone in reckless with wild a abandon of self preservation, I knew that we had to be as sensible and safe about it. IF it’d have gone wrong, it’d have gone very wrong. BUT it went SO right that it was absolutely exhilarating. I just couldn’t believe we’d just walked behind such a strong and almighty waterfall. It was strong, powerful and beautiful. We HAVE to come back with Mark, he’d LOVE this- I thought. Top tip- it’s obviously very wet, but also rocky and slippery- good hiking boots are a must.

Emerging after passing through Sgwd Yr Eira Waterfall

We continued on the final stretch of our walk. The trails were busy now, I was so glad we’d set off when we had. There’s just something about being in these wonderful places alone.

Around 13:20, 17.55km later, we were back at our car tucking into the hot chocolate I’d prepared at 4am, feeling content.

If I didn’t have a dog, would I be going on these adventures completely alone? I don’t know the answer to that, she’s wonderful company and loves the adventure as much as me, so I guess we’ll also not have to find out the answer.

If you wanted to go and see the waterfalls, you absolutely don’t have to walk 17.55km. Head to Komoot, search the waterfall you really want to visit and then see what routes are on there and pick your distance, or create your own. Here’s an example of route that include Sgwd Yr Eira Waterfall.

Image capture from Komoot

Driving home, all I could think was- I’m so glad we came. It was somewhere I’d wanted to visit for a while. I’d asked a friend if they wanted to come and they said no. I could’ve put it off and waited until someone wanted to come or Mark was home BUT I’m so glad we just went anyway. It was the best day. I am forever in awe of the beautiful places we can visit and their power to make me feel so small get so fulfilled.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to go and visit that place you’ve been wanting to visit but haven’t ‘got around to’- just go!

Where shall we go next?

Char x

[this post mentions gifted items but is not a sponsored post. I have no affiliation with Komoot, I am just sharing something I love using and I think you could find useful too]

Pure Joy

OpenMove by Afterskokz

I get asked all the time what I listen to while I’m running and what headphones I use to listen with. I struggle to run without listening to something and lately it has been podcasts over music. I can get lost in a podcast, especially a funny one where as I just focus on running to tempo with music and can still kind of keep track of how long I’ve been running for and how far is still to go if i’m just running to music.

My main concern while running with headphones has always been safety. With social distancing during lockdown, it made it harder to just run on the pavement. I found myself jumping onto the road to give room to walkers. Doing this meant that I had to be more vigilant and aware of my surroundings, to be able to hear traffic all around me.

I also noticed that since the start of lockdown SO many more people have started to run. This is so amazing! I love that the running community is growing and that I get a chance to share something I love with more people.

This week Aftershokz launched their newest headphones- OpenMove. They are a new entry level pair of bone conduction headphones. They’re the perfect pair for if you have been intrigued by the technology or fancy trying out bone conduction headphones for the first time. I was lucky enough to get to try the headphones, I wore them for the first half of my ultramarathon and here are my thoughts.

They’re super light (29g to be precise) so you barely even feel they are there. They also stay in place so you don’t feel them bouncing around whilst you’re running. The bone conduction technology means that they are open ear headphones… this means that you are fully aware of your surroundings as there is nothing covering your ears, they sit just in front sending mini vibrations through your cheekbones. I felt confident jumping on and off of the road where I needed to knowing that I could hear what was going on around me.

I have the slate grey but they come in three more colours- alpine white, elevation blue and himalayan pink. Some other product perks are that they boast a 6hr battery life and are waterproof- great if you love running in the rain like me.

You can find the product on the Aftershokz website here.

I can’t wait to hear how much you love them too.

Char x

* I was gifted this pair as part of the Aftershokz Shokzlab testing programme. All views are my own.

Chocolate Mint Protein Cake

ANOTHER recipe, gosh I’m good to you! This time it’s cake, even better! This is another recipe that does not require flour since I know how hard it is to find.

This cake is perfect post long run or if you just fancy a slice of cake really. If it was totally up to me I’d smash a whole triple layer chocolate fudge cake all the time buuuuuuut I also know I wouldn’t feel so good doing that. So enter, it’s lower calorie, lower sugar, higher protein alternative.

This recipe made 8 slices in a standard circular cake tin.


  • 2 x 40g sachets of Kendal Mint co Chocolate Mint Protein
  • 200g Readybrek
  • 1 egg
  • 50ml olive oil
  • 2 tbsp golden syrup
  • 100ml oat milk (or other milk/milk alternative)
  • 1 tbsp cocoa
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • optional milk chocolate chunks


  1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees celsius
  2. Grease your cake tin, or line with greaseproof paper
  3. Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl
  4. add your egg and oil and mix together
  5. add your milk and combine
  6. pour mixture into your tin
  7. I studded mine with broken dairy milk mini bars (optional)
  8. bake in the oven for around 12-15 minutes or until a knife pressed into the centre comes out clean.
  9. enjoy!

I particularly enjoyed mine with a dollop of greek yoghurt and may have eaten it for breakfast a couple of times too!…

There’s nothing wrong with a big fat slab of cake, this is just means you can have MORE! and who doesn’t want more cake?!

You can use ‘charlotteclarke10’ for some cheeky discount at Kendal Mint co too! (don’t say I don’t treat you)

I can’t wait to see your creations, I’d love if you tagged me on Instagram too!

Char x

How I Afford My Running Kit

*disclaimer- this is not a sponsored post. This post is not endorsed by any of the stores/brands mentioned or linked. I am just sharing what has helped me in the hope of helping you! *

It’s no secret that I’ve started taking my running more seriously over the last 6 months. I ran competitively at school, continued running a bit through 6th form and uni and then *poof* the love went and I stopped. A year ago my life dramatically changed and I started running again as something for me and my dog to do together in our new place of living. Boom! The love was back but the problem was, I had no real running kit anymore. I barely had any activewear at all left to be honest.

When I moved a year ago, life also got a lot more expensive. A new flat with higher rent, more driving, an anxious pup going to doggy daycare as we risked eviction from our new place when I was trying to leave her alone. All of this means I have very little expendable income. When I say very little, I mean very little. Like, debating how much I need/want Netflix some months and thats only £8.99 that would be saved.

This means that I am not in a position to be buying the latest trainers in the newly released colours of the season or a £100+ hydration pack. Choosing to tackle an ultramarathon means my runs are long. Choosing to tackle an ultramarathon in September means my runs are HOT. Both of those factors mean I need appropriate kit at a budget friendly price. I’ve got some tips below if you find yourself in a position like mine or just want to save a few pennies while you’re shopping.

  1. I buy my shoes from . I over pronate so I wear a stability shoe. My first pair I bought this year were Saucony Guides £39.99 instead of £119.99. I wanted to be able to rotate shoes so I also recently bought the Under Armour HOVR Guardians £57.49 instead of £114.99. I have also started some trail running so have just ordered a pair of trail shoes, Nike Wildhorse 5 £62.99 instead of £104.99. A total saving of £179.50. MAD!
  2. When you want to try new supplements/ nutrition products have a look around your IG. It is highly likely that one of your fave influencers out there probably has a discount code. Buy samples/ small amounts first. This way if you don’t like the product, you aren’t out of pocket by loads of ££ and you aren’t stuck with a load of product you don’t like and aren’t going to use. Before I started working with Kendal Mint Co. I found an influencer with a discount code and ordered their welcome pack. It allowed me to reduce my spend and try one of each of the products before ordering what I decided I wanted more of. The most risk free way of trying new things. If you want to do the same, my discount code is: charlotteclarke10
  3. You don’t NEED a fancy big brand hydration pack. When I was shopping for mine, the temptation was SO REAL to buy into a big brand and spend £100+. For what? to look like the other runners on IG?! It was actually my boyfriend who said he’d bought his from Decathlon and to look there. £12.99!!!!! They don’t have the exact one anymore but I’ve found one here for £17.99 that is basically the newer version of mine AND it comes with a 1L water bladder included.
  4. Shop around. Do you have an amazon prime account that can get you what you want/need with free next day delivery instead of paying for it from a brand website.
  5. Have a look online for discount codes too. I’m very lucky to work for a University in my full time job so I get student discount. Lots of websites and brands have random discount codes available online. Just have a little look before you place your order.
  6. Have a look for 2nd hand. Places like Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are great. I got my Tomtom running watch for £40 on Facebook marketplace and it does the job! There are plenty of people who have ordered trainers in the wrong size and missed a return deadline so turn to these sites to sell their items. I for one, am keeping my eyes open on Ebay for a pair of Hoka one one trainers because I just can’t afford a full price pair and have no shame in saying that

These are just a few tips from me. It can be stressful trying to work out how you’re going to afford new things for yourself especially when you need them but just don’t have lots of money to spend. I know I am very privileged to even be able to buy things for myself full stop but I thought I would share some things that have helped me and could also help you. The things I have bought for myself have been spread over the last 6 months rather than as and when I fancy something.

I hope these tips help you out and save you a little money like they have for me!

Char x

Peanut Butter Dulce de Leche Tarts

That’s right, look who’s back with a brand new tasty recipe! This one is definitely not a #fitnessfuel snack but rather the most delicious nutty, caramelly, groan worthy sweet treat.

The most time consuming part of this recipe is making the caramel but you could easily make that either the night before or whilst you’re doing other bits around the house. I chose the ‘boil in the can’ method of creating dulce de leche from condensed milk to avoid the need for extra sugar and butter. If you are time poor, there are quicker recipes out there for creating caramel using condensed milk, brown sugar and butter.

I have opted to create my own pastry without using flour because boy do I know how hard it is to get hold of that right now!! I knew I wanted to create these but I also wanted a recipe that you would actually be able to make even if you cant buy flour. What’s the point in giving you a recipe you can’t try hey. So what’s the flour replacement?….READYBREK! I know, crazy but trust me! …. does that mean these count as breakfast….

This recipe made 15 tarts for me. With some extra dulce de leche to enjoy by the spoon…. (don’t tell me you weren’t hoping for that!)


  • Filling:
    • Caramel: one can of condensed milk
    • Manilife Deep Roast Peanut Butter
  • Pastry:
    • 400g Readybrek
    • 100g caster sugar
    • 125g softened butter
    • 1 egg
  • Topping:
    • Milk or Dark chocolate



  1. Bring a pan of water to the boil
  2. Place the can of condensed milk in the water. Ensure the whole can is covered with water. (If the can has a removable label, remove this first.)
  3. Simmer uncovered for 3 hours. Keep topping the water up to keep the can covered.
  4. Set aside to cool.
  5. Open the can ONCE COOL to reveal a delicious gooey dulce de leche!


  1. Pre heat oven to 180 degrees celsius.
  2. Grease your cupcake/muffin tin and set aside.
  3. In a bowl rub together the softened butter and Readybrek until combined in a crumb consistency.
  4. Add the sugar and egg. Combine together to form a dough. The consistency wants to be mouldable but not super sticky. (If you need to make it firmer, as a little more Readybrek. If you need to make it softer, try adding a little milk.)
  5. Roll out onto either a floured or ‘readybrek’d’ surface until around 3mm thick.
  6. Cut into circles using either a round pasty cutter or if like me, a wine glass (haha)
  7. Place into your prepared tin, pressing into the edges
  8. Bake for 4.5 minutes, just the pastry.
  9. Remove from the oven and carefully press the mixture back into the edges if it has swollen.
  10. add a layer of Manilife peanut butter to each pastry case
  11. top with a layer of your homemade dulce de leche to fill to the top of the pastry case.
  12. Place back in the oven for a further 10 minutes.
  13. Remove and allow to cool. Remove tarts from the tin and place on a wire rack to cool.
  14. Melt your chocolate and either drizzle on top or cover the top.
  15. Place in the fridge to set.
  16. Enjoy!
  17. Ration yourself so you don’t eat them all in one go!

I hate to blow my own trumpet…. but honestly these are incredible. You WILL NOT regret giving these a go. EVERYONE is making banana bread right not. Don’t be like everyone else, make my tarts instead. I am yet to make a lockdown banana bread and I am proud of that and I aim to keep it that way.

I would love to know if you make these and if you do, how you get on and what you think of them!

Happy Baking!

Char x

Salty Deep Roast Peanut Butter Flapjacks

Here I am coming back at you with a delicious new flapjack recipe in collaboration with Manilife Peanut Butter. Boy is this a gooden.

These are the perfect pre or post run snack to either give you that pre run energy boost or post run replenishment. Or…. if you’re anything like me, an all round the clock snack because they’re irresistible.

I mean, just look at that texture….

This recipe made 12 flapjack bars for me.

Time: 10 mins to prepare. 14 mins to cook.


  • 300g oats
  • 125g salted butter
  • 125g sugar (I used 75g caster and 50g light brown muscovado for a deeper flavour)
  • 2 tbsp golden syrup
  • 3 tbsp Manilife deep roast peanut butter
  • a couple of pinches of salt (optional but delicious)


  1. Pre heat the oven to around 180 degrees celsius
  2. Grease your tin/dish or line with grease proof paper. (I find greaseproof paper more successful for getting flapjacks out of the tin and allows them to cool quicker out of the tin)
  3. Melt your butter in a pan
  4. add sugar and syrup until it’s pretty much all combined
  5. add your peanut butter in to melt into the liquid
  6. Turn the hob off, add your oats and mix until combined
  7. Pour into your prepared tin/dish
  8. Sprinkle a couple of pinches of salt on top
  9. bake in the oven for around 14 mins (check at 12mins) It wants to be nice and golden on top but still soft as it will set more as it cools
  10. take out and allow to cool
  11. slather more peanut butter all over the top and sprinkle a little more salt on (optional but delicious)

Tah Dah!

Easy peasy. A delicious nutty oaty treat perfect as I said as a pre run boost or post run pick me up.


Char x

Let’s Start over; Hi, I’m Charlotte!

After yet another break away from my little space here on the internet, I am back and feeling more positive and ready to go than ever.

I felt like I lost my identity for a while. I didn’t feel like my posts or stories were worthy of an audience. The fire has been lit again inside and we go again.

Those of you who have been following me for a while, thank you for sticking by my on thing extremely winding journey I am so grateful for you. Those of you who are new here, hello!

I first started blogging back in 2013/14 when I returned to the Professional Dance Industry after my 2nd heart operation. It was more of a portfolio kind of blog talking about jobs, shoots, rehearsals and all that I encountered as a professional dancer, model and some TV work I did too. It was actually more of a way to keep friends and family happy and informed with what I was doing. I’d perhaps post a beautiful sunrise photo on facebook on my way to set at 5am and I’d get so many ‘where were you going?’ ‘what were you doing’ comments that I couldn’t talk about in some cases due to NDAs until the work was released. So I set up my blog and everyone knew that once I could talk about it, I would and it would be here.

I then left that world and got into health and fitness blogging. I was preparing for my first bikini competition, I was vegan and I was sharing it all with you. I was working towards my Level 3 Personal Training qualification and reviewing classes, kit and places to eat and train over London. I used to create lots of recipes from scratch and write them to share with you.

A few years passed and I had a great time doing this and then I stopped the bikini competitions and changed my place of work and with that I also lost and drive to write about what I was doing. I entered into a relationship that evolved to be something I would never wish on anyone else.

In that relationship I lost who I was, I lost my voice, my power and spent 8 months explicitly being told by my partner to be scared of my partner. So that’s how it was. In that relationship I deleted my entire blog content, I didn’t feel like the same person anymore. ALL of my hard work over the years, gone. (believe me, I regret it now). I overhauled my blog and it became a space called ‘Adulting…’ It was a place for me to write about navigating adult life. I felt like I had nothing else to talk about. I was injured after a bad fall so I wasn’t training. I needed an outlet but I didn’t feel interesting. I posted a few times and then left it.

After 8 months or fear, being shouted at until I was shaking and unable to stand, my things being thrown in the street, the promises to change, it all exploded one night and enough was enough. I packed up my life and moved out of our home with my puppy with nowhere to live and I’ve never been more proud of a decision in my life! I’ll talk about it a little more another time but I did self refer for help with my Mental Health following this. I received treatment for PTSD to help me move on with my life and not take this experience and how I was treated into a future relationship.

I’ve blogged a little since then sharing parts of my experience. The trauma didn’t end there. My previous post to this one, The one with the inappropriate Airbnb host’ goes into just one of the awful experiences. I wanted to share some of my struggles to normalise talking about these things so that people don’t feel alone in their experiences.

Now we are here. Whilst I am back and seemingly starting over, my blog will now be a mixture of all of the entities it has held the form of. I am LOVING training so much again and am training for an Ultramarathon at the moment. (Fingers crossed it still goes ahead!) My fitness posts shall return documenting some of my journey and helping you with yours. I am back baking and writing recipes so those kinds of posts will return too. I have had such great feedback from my recent posts on here and Instagram where I have spoken about my mental health, being open about therapy and that it’s okay not to be okay. I will continue posting about this and together we can normalise this kind of conversation. Fitness, Food, Wellbeing.

I’m in the last year of my twenties, I am happier than ever and am so happy to have you here for the ride with me.

Lets go.

Char x

The One With The Inappropriate Airbnb Host…

Hey guys it’s been a minute. Let’s chat. Grab a cuppa and get comfy because this is not a quickie.

In order for me to tell the story as clearly as i can, there is some scene setting to start and then we’ll get stuck in.

Why am I telling you this story?
1. Everyone deserves to feel safe. If you don’t feel safe, leave.
2. I still can’t believe this happened
3. When I’m telling this story it doesn’t sound real but believe me, it was.
4. Things like this must happen far more than they should.
5. Airbnb handled this so well. If anyone reading this ends up in a similar kind of situation, please know that you will be taken seriously in reporting it!

Okay, here goes…

To give some context to the situation and why I was staying in an Airbnb; On the 2nd of June 2019, I left my partner who I was living with and escaped the abusive relationship. It was something I had threatened to do before but it was a decision I couldn’t have planned for actually making. After an explosive couple of days I had to leave. I had to leave right away. What this meant was that I had nowhere to live. I was able to stay at my Parents’ immediately but it wasn’t a commutable distance to be able to keep my job. I ended up finding a new flat to live in pretty quickly but it wasn’t available to move into for another 5 weeks. In the final week prior to the big move, I booked an airbnb that was cheap, had great reviews, commutable distance and would allow my puppy too. Here’s how it went…

The title of the listing was ‘A Palace’ … I should’ve picked up a vibe there but apparently I like to ignore red flags. The listing doesn’t exist anymore so I can’t give exact details of how it was described but I know it was listed as the kind of place where people airbnb a spare room in their house and the host stays there still.

We communicated a lot between booking and staying. He insisted on pretty much daily messages and a couple of phone calls too and that was even before I arrived. I figured he was just trying to be a good host and have everything ready. It did feel a bit weird and I told one of my work friends but he had 14 5* reviews so who was i to argue with that and I did’t think too much of it.

I arrived after work on Monday 1st July. I entered the property, was greeted by the host and shown around the property. Here’s where the first alarm bells started ringing. Turns out, it was a one bed property. He rents out the room on Airbnb and he sleeps on the sofa. The bedroom, like any normal bedroom, didn’t have a lock on it but the only other thing upstairs was the bathroom- which we would both be using. I went and collected the rest of our stuff and settled in for the night.

He had made us dinner, an eclectic mix of pasta twists, stir fried vegetables and siracha. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for him preparing dinner. He offered me a drink… of neat vodka… It was around 6pm on a Monday evening. When I asked if he had anything to go with it, he offered water. I set the glass down and didn’t pick it back up again.

Anyway, we sit down and we’re chatting. He’s around 60 years old, recently divorced after 40 years, 3 children (who i imagine are at least my age!) He tells me he doesn’t use Airbnb for the money, that he has plenty of, but for the company. He also told me he was looking for a ‘nice young lady’ . My initial thought was: Shit, am I auditioning for this role right now?! He asks if I’m single. I quickly and briefly said how I’d just come out of something pretty horrible and traumatic and certainly wasn’t looking.

He tells me he’s really spiritual, does predictions and could he predict something for me…sure. He tells me not to say anything so that I’m not feeding into his telling. He goes: […] ‘At around 13/14 something bad happened, you were abused.’ FALSE. […] ‘Your boyfriend at around 18, he fucked you up’ FALSE. I tell him he’s wrong and he replies ‘No, he had two sides, he messed you up.’ Now imagine how uncomfortable I’m feeling.

Next, he needs to call his friend so he asks my permission- It’s your house, call your friend. A few minutes in and he’s handing me the phone… to talk to his friend…who I don’t know. Who hasn’t asked to speak to me. THE most awkward phone call.

Next, we FaceTime his neighbour. I don’t really need to say more on that. Weird.

It gets to about 9pm and I make my excuses to go to bed. He pulls me into hug me and goes ‘Oh good, you’re a hugger too!’ … dude, I didn’t really have a choice. Not long after I’ve gone up, he messages me from downstairs asking if Bonnie is asleep, if I have internet, if I’m asleep. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well.

In the morning I get up and go to work like normal. I delay heading back to the property until later that evening and take Bonnie for a nice walk. I get back and he’s made dinner again, he’s also bought us a bottle of wine. He says he’s taking us to see his neighbours so that Bonnie can play with their dog. IT’s all a bit awkward and then we come back for dinner. I accept a small glad of wine not to be impolite but refuse any more on the numerous attempts that followed- just incase I had to make an emergency exit.

After dinner of course the conversation leads back to him asking about if I’ll go back to my ex etc and if I’m looking for anything. No and No. He goes on to tell me how he doesn’t think that my current job is my passion. He says that I should be in the Art industry, painting and that he can make that happen for me…He also tells me how he wants to go to Bournemouth with me and Bonnie at some point.

He goes to the bathroom, so I go to wash the dishes in an attempt to then escape to bed. He comes back downstairs and he places his hand on the middle of my back and says thank you. His hand just lingers. I feel gross. I try to make my excuses to go to bed and he goes ‘But I made you jelly!’ I assumed he’s made up a big bowl and was going to serve me a portion but he opened the fridge and there was just one small bowl. He sat and watched me eat the jelly. All I could think was- What’s in this jelly?… I finish the jelly, wash up the bowl and get ready to head to bed.

The conversation goes like this:
Him: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Suuuuure
Him: a personal question?
Me: Okaaaaay (like you can ask but I can’t promise I’ll answer)
Him: Would you be interested in a relationship?
Me: No, Nope, not at all. ( I try to play it off like he just asked me generally rather than if I wanted to enter a relation with him)
Him: Please don’t look at or think of me any differently now!

I head upstairs and into the room incredibly conscious that my door doesn’t have a lock on it and at some point, he’ll be heading up to use the bathroom…I barricaded the door with mine and Bonnie’s things, sat on the bed and cried. How is it that I’ve left a man and a house I don’t feel safe in and then found myself in this situation?! I call my mum crying. We decide I can’t stay there. I book a room at a travelodge and pack my things. Mum’s still on the phone and I’m still crying, I head downstairs and say that something has happened at home and that I need to leave right away. Bonnie’s run downstairs and he shuts her in the garden while I’m getting the rest of my things together. I come downstairs and I’m loaded up like Buckaroo- SO MANY BAGS. I’ve got Bonnie’s lead in my hand ready to attach her, she’s still outside. He tells me to put everything in the car and then come back for her- no chance! I was going in one trip and not coming back, never mind leave my dog with him. ‘So you want her?’ -YES YOU WEIRDO GIVE ME MY DOG! As I’m clipping Bonnie to her lead, he tries to take a bag off of my shoulder- ‘Let me help’ I didn’t want him coming to my car with me so I said no and tried to give him his keys back. He embraces me in another hug , his head resting on my shoulder- he’s not letting go. I’m pretty hysterical at this point and try pushing him off, thrusting his keys at him and make my exit. I figured if I’ve forgotten anything it’s gone now, I’m never coming back.

I quickly leave in the car and the pull over nearby to try and compose myself before driving more. Instead of staying in the travelodge, my friend from work says I can stay wit her so I do that instead of being alone. After I leave he messages my twice. He messages twice more the following morning telling me to ‘keep in touch’. I don’t respond, so he tries calling. I don’t answer.

That day I reported him to Airbnb. That part of their website is a bit of a click through rabbit warren but we got there in the end. I submitted my initial report and awaited their response.

They were fantastic. Someone from their team called me, allowed me to talk and was really understanding and empathetic. They continued their investigation. They ended up refunding my entire stay- I’d booked 4 days but only stayed overnight for 1. They also compensated my travelodge booking and the host’s listing was removed. I felt like I was listened to and taken seriously; two things that you worry about in disclosing something like this especially since he had 14 5* reviews. I am now questioning if they’re even legit.

I have stayed in an Airbnb before with a host and never had a problem so never imagined this would unfold.

The moral of the story is: put your own safety first, stay vigilant and if it doesn’t feel right, get out and report it.

I’m so glad I hadn’t had another glass of wine that night so I could leave when I needed to.

If any of you reading this have ever experienced anything like this at all, I am so sorry. It really is truly awful and I wish situations like this didn’t happen.

Char x

Homemade Chicken and Peanut Butter Pupcakes

Something a little different from my recent posts but i thought I’d turn my hand to baking little Bonnie some homemade treats. He has been losing her little mind over my attempts and quite literally hop, skipping and jumping all over our apartment in excitement.

I figured they’re SO unbelievably easy to make that I’d share my own recipes with you so that your pups can lose their little minds too!

Remember, these are treats and should supplement your pups daily food intake, not replace. But also that if feeding a few of these treats, you should reduce their other meals slightly too to counter.

Ingredients: Makes 10
* 2 eggs
* 1 large tbsp butter
* 2 large tbsp peanut butter (be careful to make sure it is xylitol free!)
* 1 cup Readybrek/ ground oats
* 2 chicken stock cubes

1. Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees celsius
2. Grease a muffin tin
1. Add peanut butter and butter into a mixing bowl and cream together
2. Mix in both eggs until fully combined
3. Add the chicken stock cubes and mix until full combined
4. Add the Readybrek until a thick cakey batter comes together
1. Divide mixture into the muffin tin
2. Bake for around 20mins until golden
decorate (optional)
* I used diluted peanut butter, so mixed peanut butter with hot water to make a runnier, creamier texture. I dipped the top of the cake in and then grated some puppy chocolate on top (from Bonnies Advent Calendar)

Bonnie when wild for these! They’re human friendly too…. just perhaps not to human taste haha Baking for your pup is super fun and seeing them go wild with excitement is so lovely too. What’s also amazing is that you know EXACTLY what goes into them 🙂