The BoomCycle UrbanTri

One week ago I woke up early and jumped out of bed to Box, Run and Ride with BoomCycle in the Urban TRI.

After a big bowl of proats and a large black coffee the first stop was FitMiBody in Shoreditch for 45mins of shadow boxing with The Boxx Method. Louis Rennocks put us through our paces with weighted shadow boxing. It’s safe to say that I left super sweaty with the heaviest shoulders! On top of a great session to start the Urban TRI, the FitMiBody space was gorgeous to be in too. Plus who doesn’t love another sports bottle to add to the collection?!


Round two…. The 10k run to Holborn. This is the part of the Urban TRI that always gets me worried because I haven’t ran properly in a long time and let’s be honest, cardio hasn’t been top of the list since competition either. Naomi asked me which group I’d be running with and I said I’d stick with with middle/intermediate group…. In true Charlotte form I got swept up in the atmosphere and it wasn’t long until I found myself up with the fast group. It was a beautiful day and I smashed my PB by three minutes! I ran a 47 minute 10k and couldn’t have been happier. But it wasn’t over yet…

Arriving at BoomCycle in Holborn it was time to jump into my cleated shoes and onto a bike. This was the last leg, the last 45mins before being unleashed upon the snacks and goody bags that followed. BoomCycle is my favourite place for spinning. Lights down, music up, American accents on, having a party on a bike. Even after 45mins of boxing and a 10k run it felt like I blinked and my time on the bike was over!



Waiting for me outside was the lovely Naomi White who organised the event with an array of stacks including ChicP houmous and crudités, coconut yoghurt and coconut water to refuel with. What a winning combo!

If anyone fancies a fun challenge get yourselves to the next Urban TRI in June!

Have a look at my urban TRI here!

Head over to where you can find out all about Urban Tri and also check out their other classes too!

Char  x


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