Readjusting post-competition

Going from super lean and having a competition to be ready for and train for to coming out the other side and that structure disappearing can be pretty hard to deal with and adjust to.


I went from tracking my food every day that my trainer had worked out for me and training with him 5 days a week, an extra day day by myself as well as cardio all of those days, to waking up the day after my competition and none of that being in place anymore.

During prep my mind had played games with me and made me crave bad foods and naughty foods, so I went out and bought them to have once my competition was over. I had also arranged with my flatmates to have a huge Chinese dinner the day after comp too. Half way through my plate and I was super uncomfortable, stomach distended so far out and in pain from the food and quantity of food that my body just wasn’t used to. I then followed this up with a few days of still eating poorly and snacking like crazy and it made me physically sick. In one respect it’s great because it meant that my body was telling me to stop and it actually didn’t want the naughtiness, but still not pleasant to be ill.

So that’s the food side of things. I’m still not tracking my food at the moment but I am eating better and cleaner foods.

I went straight back into training two days after comp, on the Monday. I just couldn’t not train, it had become SUCH a massive part of my life. The only difference being was that I was now training by myself, well with Tyla, but I was so used to being trained by Artur that I felt a by lost and it all felt a bit foreign. I didn’t know what weights I’d been using because I chose not to focus on that before, I didn’t know what order to do the exercises in, I didn’t know how much was too much or too little for my body but because everyone knew me in the gym and what I’d been training for, I had to just pretend I knew what I was doing and that I had my shit together. I didn’t.


I’ve chosen to spend the next six months focusing on building my upper body to match my lower body. In order to do this, I have to eat more and gain a little body fat so that my body is fuelled correctly in order to grow and not turn to my muscles for energy. Going from super lean to fairly ‘fluffy’ shall we say, is not a process that sits well. It’s a process I need to trust and know is necessary and when I’m feeling logical I know this, but on those emotional days where logic doesn’t come into it, it is hard. Having said that, I want arms and shoulders that are bigger for the next competition so I do know it’s necessary.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that if I didn’t choose to take control, it would be VERY easy to get stuck feeling lost and out of sorts Post-Comp. I know I have my competitions in October to focus on and that’s my next goal and where I’m putting my energy. I need to accept that I don’t NEED visible six pack abs right now, I NEED more (good) food and body fat to fuel my muscle growth.

Yes, I do feel somewhat lost in the gym without Artur training me everyday and I do miss our sessions, but hopefully I might be able to twist his arm into helping me out nearer the time when competition prep is back in full swing again for October. However I do need to learn how to train myself because the luxury of having someone doing it for me does not last forever. Luckily for me, all of the trainers, managers and clients in my gym are highly supportive of me and my journey so if I ever did feel in a pickle there are people there.

If I’m honest, I underestimated how much of a readjustment it would be and how hard it would be but I just need to surround myself with good energy and good people and trust the process.


Here’s to maintaining my newly grown peachy bum and growing some shoulders and arms to match!

Char x


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