Pure Elite: My First Competition

So following my peak week series, it’s about time i updated you on the competition day itself.

I woke up at 6am ready and raring to go… well almost, I actually woke up with a raging headache but it was nothing that a bowl of oats and a coffee couldn’t sort out. I chose to do my own hair and make up for the competition, may as well put my years of dance show prep to use and know exactly what i want and will look like rather than pay someone and feel super guilty if i want to change it after if i don’t like it. So off i set curling my hair and painting my face, my tan from the day before still getting darker by the second. Tyla made me wake her up early so she could sit with me while i get ready so that she didn’t miss a thing from the day- cutie!

Disaster strikes- heart starts palpitating as 70 million beats per minute as I open an email to say that the competition couldn’t find the confirmation for my category change so I was competing as Fitness Model Tall… when I had changed to Bikini Babe Short so unless I could find the confirmation email, thats where I was…. I have never scrolled through my email so fast yet so thoroughly in my entire life. I found it!! Thank goodness! I sent the emails back and everything was fine and i was reassured I would be competing in Bikini Short. With over 300 athletes to organise and with all sorts of category and admin changes to be made in the run up to the show it was only natural that the odd mistake would be made here and there, we are all human! Now that that was sorted I could calm back down and carry on getting excited for the day ahead and my first ever competition.

Once i was as ready as i could be, Dad drove me to Margate Winter Gardens where the competition was being held so that i could get ANOTHER layer of tan applied- that made three coats…Mahogany doesn’t even begin to describe the colour. It’s so peculiar, in a room amongst 300 other tanned athlete, the colour doesn’t look all that extreme because you’re all the same colour. It isn’t until you leave that backstage bubble and see your family who are a normal shade of Human that you really see what colour you are!

The show began at 12.30… (give or take half an hour) with the athletes parade. We all walked on, gave a little wave and the stage filled with 300 odd competitors all crammed together. We had lift off, the excitement escalated and we were off! My category wasn’t on until around 4.30pm so I spent most of the day meeting some really lovely girls and guys, practising my posing and walking and eating rice cakes. I tell you, if you were a fly on the wall in this room and you didn’t know what was going on, what it was all about or anything you would be fascinated and probably think we were the strangest people.

We were the third class after the interval so when the interval came around it was time to jump back into my bikini and heels- well not quite jump, the bikini bottoms required lots of wiggling. I had set myself up with some of the loveliest girls and we just all got excited together, started getting ourselves ‘pumped up’ and lots of ‘ooooh have you got this’ ‘ooooh can i borrow that?’ NOTHING like my dance competition days where there was SO much bitchiness and rivalry. This was perfect.

That’s our call, we were up. Time to head backstage and find out our order and do our final bits to get ourselves in the right headspace to step onstage. I was the penultimate girl in our class, there were about 30 of us and the competition was FIERCE. On i walked for my T walk. Walk, Pose, Walk 3 poses, Walk, Pose, Walk, Pose, walk to the back, pose. Then the first group were called forward for quarter turns. This was our turn to go forward and pose to the front, the side, the back, the other side and then the front so they could see direct comparison before heading back to the back of the stage to keep posing while the other two groups headed forward for their quarter turns. Finally the sassiest pose off happens where all competitors are called forward, everyone fighting to be seen and be at the front in the middle. The best thing to do here is remain graceful, classy and composed and let your posing do the talking. We were DONE! We were ushered off stage.

I came off and was overcome by all of the emotions you could possibly ever feel in one go. I had the time of my life up on that stage. I will openly say that I felt like I wanted to cry because it was over and I loved it so much SADDO! I couldn’t decide whether I then wanted to go out and see my family and friends or just keep backstage until everything was done. I was scared that I’d go out and see them and hear ‘Charlotte you were great, you’ll definitely place’ ‘you were the best up there’ ‘yep you smashed that’ While of course those are always wonderful things to hear, your family and friends will always be biased and we don’t know EXACTLY what the judges are after. I did choose to head out and see everyone and I did hear those things which in some respects does breed disappointment when you don’t place but I know they were just incredibly proud of how far i’d come and were just also incredibly excited in the whole atmosphere. I also got to see pictures and videos of my performance and I will openly say I can’t believe how good my bum and legs looked! So that was a great boost for me.

Results time! We again popped out bikinis and heels back on and went on stage to line up and hope you hear your name and number called out in those all important placings. Now, I didn’t place and while it would have been lovely to place, this was my first competition and I’ve only been training for five months. This competition for me was to get a feel for things, see how it all works and decide if competing was something i wanted to continue to pursue. In the lead up to things I grew concerned that I’d fallen in love with the process of getting to the stage, that there was always the possibility that I’d step on the stage and not enjoy the performance side of it after dreaming of doing it for years. Luckily for me, I LOVED the competition side too. I only trained for five months, what I keep saying to people is, I wouldn’t only train dance for five months of my entire life and EXPECT to land a role on the went end in my first ever audition. So while I didn’t place, I had the time of my life at Pure Elite and am so happy that this was the competition I chose to enter as my first. Stewart and Janine (the founder and director of Pure Elite) have managed to create a competition with a supportive family feel between the competitors and themselves and that’s a really wonderful thing to be able to achieve so thank you both!

I have had my images back from Matt Marsh and he really is incredible, I am so happy with my stage shots. Thank you Matt!

I am planning on competing with Pure Elite in their competition in October. I will be spending the next six months  focusing mainly on building my upper body and mainly maintaining my lower body (okay maybe some booty gains). I will invest more in my posing and stage routine in terms of coaching and professional help, hopefully from The Champion Maker herself Audrey Kaipio. See what magic she can work on this dancer! I have spoken about how proud of myself I am and how happy I was with what i did on stage.That isn’t narcissism, it’s just pride from a huge journey for me. I know I have lots to work on for my next competition and that hard work has already started.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get to the stage and supported me in my journey but most of all thank you to Artur Pavlos my coach/trainer. He transformed me from fairly fit slim dancer to strong bikini competitor. At the end of the competition day, he pulled me in for a big hug and told me how proud  of me he was and we already started speaking then about what we should work on for next time. I started to cry because he told me he was proud. Grandma goes ‘it’s okay Charlotte, there’s always next time’ …. I wasn’t crying because i didn’t place, I was crying because Artur told me he was proud. We had been on one hell of a journey together and my first competition was over!

Here’s to the next six months of building and growth both physically and mentally and Pure Elite i’m coming back for more in October! I’ve got the competition bug now!

Char x


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