Train your smoothie



We all love a smoothie right?! If you’re anything like me when left to my own devices a smoothie would consist of a whole jar of nut butter, banana, avocado, nuts, mylk, and pretty much anything else that I can find in the kitchen. It can be very easy to get carried away and what started out as a healthy intention turns into a very high calorie, high sugar meal in a glass.

The wonderful people over at TRAIN fitness have put together 5 steps to creating the perfect smoothie. Head over to my Instagram to see what went into mine! I chose to make a post-workout smoothie that fixed my sweet cravings whilst nourishing my body after a big arms and shoulders session this morning!

Why not have a go yourself following the five steps above and show TRAIN fitness what you’ve gotten up to in the Kitchen!

5 easy peasy steps to the perfect smoothie. It really is as easy as that!

For more information on the TRAIN your smoothie campaign head over to their page here.

When creating your smoothies, don’t forget to tag TRAIN fitness into your posts so they can see what you’ve made!

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Social handles:
Instagram: @trainfitnessint
Twitter: @trainfitnessint
Facebook: Train Fitness Courses

Char x


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