Peak Week: 6


Day 6 of Peak Week

Final day of training today! Madness after 5 months of training with Artur it’s my last session before the big day.

It was a super early start for me, Tyla asked if I’d join her at the gym in the morning before she went to work so we got to the gym for 7.30am for fasted cardio and abs. The early start was hard BUT the session was good and I felt good during it! Party because I knew it was my last cardio session for a while haha!

Afterwards I headed to Woodgreen on the scout for anymore sparkly jewellery I could get my hands on. I found THE perfect bracelet and for only £3 too! So that made me very happy!

Then I met Tyla on her lunch break and this was the most important part of my day for sure…. We jumped on a bus to Camden to a place called Cookies and Scream. If you’ve never head me talk about it before, it’s a vegan gluten free bakery full of all of the delicious naughtiness! We went there to pick up some post-comp treats. This is will power and restraint at it’s best! I have two donuts, a cookie and a brownie chocolatey biscuity slab of greatness just sat there calling my name. But come Saturday night, they will be no more.

After that it was time to train legs with Artur. It was a more circuit based session because we didn’t want to destroy my body before Saturday. It was good, my body is tired and at the end it all overwhelmed me. It suddenly clicked that it was my last session, I still didn’t know how I was eating tomorrow or comp day and I have to leave mine at 10am tomorrow. I suddenly felt scared and unprepared and broke down to Michelle the gym manager. She was wonderful, I couldn’t ask for a more supportive gym manager!

I headed home, spoke to some fellow competitors who helped me out and calmed me down. I did a food shop and prepped and packed all of my things for the next two days. I was now very excited. During all of my packing and prepping I procrastinated quite hard and was just snap chatting Lisa Miller with my post comp treats Hhaha!

I drenched my body and hair in coconut oil knowing that after my final shower and exfoliation tomorrow I couldn’t moisturise again until after the show. I didn’t want my skin to have dry patches to I gave it every fighting chance it had.

Alarm set for 7am, then it’s all systems go to head to Margate for my tan!

Char x


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