Peak Week: 5


Day 5 of Peak Week

All I can say is thank goodness today was better than yesterday! Girls, in situations like yesterday talc and sudocrem are your besties!

Today I started the day with upper body with Artur, shoulders, a bit of back and triceps too. It was a good session. I’ve previously had problems with my shoulders and had one strapped up a couple of weeks ago but luckily they were behaving for me yesterday and didn’t hurt in an injured kind of way…. Just burned through the workout hahha We finished the session with a little fun exercise with press-up jumps onto medicine balls. Once I found the confidence in myself to not fall in my face, it was fun!

Then I had a break with some food downstairs in the gym before heading back upstairs to hit interval sprints and abs. Come on Lower Abs you know you want to come out to play!

Before work I headed central early to pick up all my make up for Saturday. SO CLOSE NOW! *confession* I may have also stopped by Holland and Barrett and bought more treats for post- comp in the form of vegan marshmallows, a chocolate Easter bunny and some mint dark chocolate penguins…. Oops! Got quite the little collection coming together.

It was my last evening at work tonight before the competition and I was treated with a hand drawn card from Sophia and a lovely are from Rich too wishing me luck. So lovely! Tomorrow I am off work so I can get all of my stuff together and try and get a good nights sleep before heading down/up to Margate for my tan Friday. Eeeeeeeek!

So so close now. Gotta keep pushing those last couple of days!

Char x


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