Peak Week: 4


Day 4 of Peak Week

Today was completely mixed with all sorts of feelings, emotions and experiences….

I started the day with my protein zoats and meal prep for the day and then headed into the gym for leg day.

It was a great session, my legs tired quite easily today BUT it was a great session nevertheless ….

Now this is where my day got very interesting….

I headed for my comp-prep-wax….. I chose a place that seemed reputable and offered all kinds of plastic surgery and Botox and what not too so figured a wax was the easiest of things they do there, let’s go there. I get to the clinic and it looks like a nice place, security coded private treatment rooms and friendly people on reception. It was my first wax of this kind and my nerves had settled and I thought to myself- ‘it can’t be as bad as epilating my legs so it’s fine’…. Boy was I wrong. Had I have gone anywhere else it would have been fine… But here’s how the story unfolded…

I get into the treatment room:(paraphrased)

Technician: what am I doing for you today?
Me: (thinks – great, she doesn’t even know why I’m here…) A Hollywood wax please…
Technician: okay

I hop onto the bed, blah blah, small talk, blah blah

Technician: my manager forgot to turn the wax on so I hope it’s okay
Me: (thinks: wonderful, filling me with a lot of confidence here) Okay sure….

We start the wax….

Technician: eugh this wax is so crap!
Me: (small nervous laugh)

Technician: this kind of wax should really be done with hot wax and this is warm wax soooooo
Me: ( thinks- I’ve explained it’s my first time- all for self maintenance … You’re not so good at this customer care thing… Filling me with lots of confidence)
Technician: eugh I’ve never used such crap wax…

At this point we’re well into the treatment and I’m a little concerned as to what things look like down there. I’d told her why I was having the wax etc so it’s not like it was just for the sheer hell of it, in 4days I’m stepping on stage in a tiny bikini and want to feel comfortable.

I stopped with the small talk and went quiet trying not to cry as I felt super uncomfortable in her hands.

Technician: okay we’re done

I threw on my clothes, went to reception, quickly paid and left trying to keep my shit together. There were other clients in the reception and other staff there and I was mortified and trying not to cry so I left without saying anything. Later I emailed them a complaint explaining the above and how mortified I was….. I left and she hadn’t even done a full job- I could have done a better job myself. So I left with half a job done, still wax in my bikini area and so sore that I then couldn’t return to the gym for my second session after work.

They’re refunding me- rightly so! But it was not the experience I should have had and four days out from stepping on stage, I could have done with things going a lot smoother! (Literally!)

So there we have it. Day 4 of peak weak was some what of a disaster…. Let’s hope tomorrow is better!

Char x


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