Peak Week: 3


Day 3 of Peak Week

Today I was back to the gym and in the best mood! We worked Chest, back and a little bit of shoulders at the end. SUCH a great session, left with a smile on my face.

Today Paul, (the member who bought me a gym top for my birthday- so nice!) who hadn’t seen me for a few days, came up and was like you look so good! He congratulated Artur as well and said he’d done a great job, so lovely! So that also made me feel great in my session!

Another lady who I see in the gym all the time but hadn’t actually ever spoken to started speaking to me too. She was saying how she’s seen my progress and all the body fat I’d lost and how good I look. She was so lovely. Well done Pure gym! Members were on point yesterday for boosting my self esteem and confidence when I was so tired!

It’s amazing, you just never know who might be watching you!

Food wise my carbs were still fairly high so my body had plenty of fuel in the tank! I did however fall asleep on the tube on my way to work….

After work I headed back to the gym. It was SO busy! Everyone with their Monday motivation to go hard! I cycled 15km and then got on with some obliques and lower abs before heading into the empty studio for some posing practice. It’s funny, it’s a commercial gym and I’m the only girl there competing so once one person spots me in the studio in heels and little shorts, one by one, everyone seems to be popping their heads around the door to see what’s going on!

Then it was home to bed. I fell asleep watching some tv, shows I was tired!

Day 4 tomorrow and I’m still super excited for the rest of this week and the big day Saturday! Feeling good!

Char x


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