Peak week: 2


Day 2 of Peak Week

Today was rest day for me so no trips to the  gym. I’ve found that as the competition nears, rest days make me anxious. I know it’s ridiculous because my body needs the time to rest, build, recover and prepare for the next workout.

I woke up with huge veins in my lower abs and some little squiggly ones creeping into my uppers too so that was a great way to start my day!

I ended up working a shift at the pub I used to work it to get myself a little disposable income since the tax man hasn’t been so kind lately and the competition has and still is costing a lot. After competition I want to be able to go out for dinner etc so a little bit of pocket money helps!

The only major downside to this was that I could snack on the crispy roast potatoes in the work kitchen anymore. No seriously, the downside was that I couldn’t eat between 1-5, so I turned up early to eat my couscous, asparagus and spinach before my shift started and then ate as soon as I got home. It was good to be back there, people were happy to see me too so that was a nice feeling.

After work I came home and relaxed for a bit, no work, no blogging, anything. I just popped on Netflix with a cuppa and relaxed. Blissful!

Then things got a little less relaxing…

I decided to buy an epilator for my legs, arms and underarms to prep for my competition….At £50 it was FAR cheaper than paying to have it all waxed. Now, people told me it would hurt…. But MY WORD! I was not prepared AT ALL! I’m pretty sure the box should come with either a few doses of morphine or a complimentary bottle of Vodka to drink neat through the pain. It’s weird, it’s not a pain where I can cry or scream, it silenced me and made me pull all sorts of facial expressions as it felt like needles were being stabbed up my legs. (SUCH A GIRL!) I did one leg, had a break and used the electric shaver attachment on one arm, then had to talk myself int the second leg. The second leg took longer because I knew how much it would hurt and just had to keep egging myself on with the reward being that I could do my other arm after and that was painless. I sound pathetic right?! But seriously so sore!

Not quite the relaxing pre-bedtime activity…

Afterwards I had my final meal to eat. Protein sorbet. Haaaaaaaalllujah! It was delightful and I’ll be sharing the recipe with you shortly.

So day two done. Feeling good, now for a week of training and prep. Catch you tomorrow!

Char x


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