Peak Week:1


Day 1 of Peak week

Today was the start of peak week for me. That is the final 7 days leading up to the competition day. Food wise we started by upping my carbs and dropping my protein so that we can manipulate them as the week goes on. Hooray for oats again!

I started my day with a big bowl of zoats and a black coffee before heading to the gym before work. I did Artur’s spin class followed by some abs. Spin was hard today! Harder than I remember but it’s all about how you push yourself in spin and the resistance you add etc.

Then I headed to work to deliver stock across three floors- pretty much another workout in itself! Saturday’s are double show days so we had a show at 2.30 to serve for before a massive break until the 7.30 show.

In my break I was invited to an event with Protein Haus to talk about Vegan weight training as part of a talk with Courtney Pruce- The Clean Eatin Guide and Carli- the Founder of Protein Haus. There were about 20-25 people there who had all done a HIIT session with Courtney as well before the talk. It was super fun sharing how I eat and what not as a vegan who trains so much. I’m looking forward to doing more with Protein Haus.


On my way back to work I met my sister who was lending me her black sweatpants for my tan next week and a silk gown to go over my bikini next week too. It’s alllllll coming together!

Then after another stint at work I headed home to chill out for an evening which was very much welcomed.

So how did day 1 of peak week have me feeling?

After having three weeks of low carbs I actually found it quite hard to work out so many carbs into my food plan for the day! It’s mad because it’s no more carbs than I was on four weeks ago! I found that going from 15% carbs to about 35% left me feeling quite fluffy and filled out so I’m looking forward to how my body will look and feel as my carbs come down through the week. My body is going to be changing daily now and that really excites me! I had lots of energy today from the food change and it really helped with such a long day.

Here’s to day 2!

Char x


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