20 things competition prep has taught me

A quick fire round of 20 things I’ve realised/learnt during the last 5 months of competition prep:

1. When my muscles burn I cry <–such a girl!

2. I’m naturally quite lean

3. I can maintain body fat at 2750 calories a day (wahoooooo) I can put away A LOT of food!

4. Carbs are my friends…. My best friends actually

5. I can and will eat around the clock

6. Eating low carb and high protein as a vegan is quite difficult but I love a challenge

7. It can be SO expensive so you need to get savvy

8. Keep a close support network- you’ll need it!

9. I can’t count. Always doing too many or too few reps

10. People think I want to be Arnie…. I don’t

11. 1700 calories can go a long way!

12. Abs are not maintainable!

13. I love leg day

14. I can push myself harder than I think

15. I am a walking corpse if I don’t have oats for breakfast

16. I don’t know what it is to eat off a plate anymore. Tupperware is life! But I always lose it…

17. An end goal gives me SO much motivation

18. When in the final weeks my body is craving all sorts of food I don’t even normally eat- chip shop chips!

19. It is SUCH a mental game

20. There are some incredibly bad vegan protein powders…. I have a stash of bad ones I now won’t use

10 days to go eeeeeek!

Char x


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