Next steps…


Recently I have had people asking me what’s next Charlotte? What are you going to be doing after your competition? Well now I have an answer for you, well two really.

In May I am very excited to say that I will be starting my Personal Training course *does happy dance* Anyone who has known me for some time will know that this has always been on the agenda it’s just been a matter of timing and funding. I’ll be taking the course with Focus Fitness UK.

imageIt’ll be seven weeks full time finishing at the start of July, just in time to be heading back to Exsportise to coach Dance for two weeks for my SIXTH summer with them.

It is all very exciting. 2016 really is shaping up to be my year, focused on me and my goals and smashing them out of the park.

On top of my PT training and Summer Camp, I’ll also be training to compete again in the Miami Pro Universe Championships in October 2016. I’m hoping to build more muscle to enter as fitness model this time- so hooray to more eating and building!

So there we have it, besides events/ shoots/ appearances etc, that is where my 2016 is headed and I just know I’m going to be loving every day of this wonderful year!

Char x


One Reply to “Next steps…”

  1. That is great! I have literally just enrolled with Focus Training and have gym based training at the start of July. Just received my pack today. I’m so excited and also looking to compete again at some point this year? I feel like I could get even better if I had some more time and Pure Elite is so close and just think I could look better! But yeaa it’s all so exciting, good luck! 🙂 X


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