Why I love social media…

Recently social media has been having a bit of a hard time in people loving to hate it. There has been A LOT of talk about how apps like Instagram fuel unrealistic ‘life goals’ ‘relationship goals’ ‘body goals’ ‘fitness goals’. Sure, some people may have the dream car you will only ever get the chance to dream of but that doesn’t mean they haven’t worked their butt off to be able to get it. On fitness pages, some may be guilty of using photos from their lean weeks year round making it seem like a rocking bod of 12% body fat, mega quads and abs is attainable year long- when we know that’s not maintainable in a healthy person. BUT with all that said, it also comes down to how YOU choose to use social media.

I, like any girl, sometimes get carried away lusting over these pages on Instagram thinking- ‘wish I had her abs’ ‘but she has the best gym kit, wish I had that’ but that is all on me and I know that. I actually love social media it’s my chance to share with you my ups and downs during my roller coaster ride of competition prep. Anyone who’s been following my page for a while will have read about my crazy highs where I feel like superwoman, but also about my crazy lows where I just sob my way through my workouts and erratically text my trainer afterwards apologising. I stay authentic to who I am. I may be asked to review a product and if that product isn’t up my street or to my liking I won’t lie to you guys and tell you how bloody amazing it is and how you should all go out and buy it right away. Why would I do that?! You’re after honest reviews and I’m not about to advocate something I do not believe in.

The main reason I am writing this post is because I have never felt so supported in something by people I have never met before. I am in a position where no other girls in my gym compete, are in competition prep or have gone through this experience so it can feel quite lonely. I also don’t know anyone personally outside of my gym who quite gets this either. It’s one thing just pouring out how I’m feeling etc to my friends, sister and my family but it’s a completely different feeling being able to discuss it with someone who completely gets it! Don’t get me wrong I am so lucky to have friends and family that will listen to my drivel, I am not over looking that for a second! It’s people like Lisa Miller, Charlotte Shuter and the whole Pure Elite family that I have never met before but know I can message and I’ll either get words of encouragement or be told ‘I feel like that too! Glad I’m not crazy!’

Coming from a dance upbringing where competitions would be the bitchiest place, no one speaks to each other and the amount of sass in the room is immeasurable, I kind of thought that’s how this competition process would be. Where everyone gets on with their prep by themselves, keeps themselves to themselves and there would be all the sass because we’re competing against eachother. I would like to eat all of those words, every single one of them. I am part of a closed group on Facebook for Pure Elite competitors and I have never come across such a community of supportive people! You post your slightly self conscious progress pics on there knowing you’re still weeks out, and everyone tells you just how great you’re doing and to keep up the good work. People post in messages to motivate each other and keep each other on track. People even message in to say they’ve fallen off track and the amount of people that will comment to help them back on the band wagon is truly astounding. I am so happy that I have chosen Pure Elite as my first competition to enter. Thank you Stewart and Janine for putting together such a great competition with a huge community feel!

Also without Social Media I wouldn’t have met some of the truly incredible people I have, to name a few:


group cocopro


So today I am saying thank you and declaring my love for Social Media for helping me along the way in my competition prep and health and fitness journey/blogging.

Char x


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