Just because I am incredibly low carb and cannot indulge in a giant bowl of zoats does not mean you guys can’t, or shouldn’t! You totally should they’re so good. Here’s my recipe for the creamiest, metabolism boosting bowl of protein zoats:


  • 50g chunky old fashioned oats
  • Half a courgette grated
  • 1 heaped tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 1scoop of your chosen protein powder- I use Pulsin’s unflavoured Soy
  • Half a tsp Up Your Matcha powder
  • Half a tsp cinnamon
  • Approx 200ml unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tbsp pb2


  • Frozen berries


Throw everything into a pan adding the milk slowly to your desired consistency. I like mine really creamy and hot. That’s why I use milk instead of water. I heat my frozen berries in the microwave so you almost get a bit of a sauce on top too!

Courgette and Green Tea in my Porridge?!

You can’t taste the courgette at all. The courgette adds extra moisture, is one of your five a day AND swells your bowl to be HUGE! Why not make your oats the biggest bowl you possibly could?!

You also can’t taste the Matcha Green Tea Powder. It may sound scary that it’s in there but if you can’t taste it, it boosts your metabolism and gives you energy why wouldn’t you add it in?!

To me, this creamy oaty bowl tastes like Chocolate Readybrek and reminds me of being a child. If I could live on one recipe…. It would be this one!

I will be swooning over pictures of my last bowl of Zoats until after my competition now. In the mean time I’ve been adding my Up Your Matcha Powder to my new breakfast of thick protein shake smoothie bowls to keep my metabolism boosted while me carbs are down. Keep your eyes peeled for that recipe coming soon!

Char x


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