This Girl…

You’re on the tube. You see a girl, slim, probably about a UK size 8. You over hear her talking to her friend about calories and what foods she is and isn’t eating. How she tracks everything she eats on My Fitness Pal. How she’s been to the gym once already today but she’s on her way back there now.

You make an assumption about her life. I don’t need to say it explicitly, we all know the assumption that’s been made.

I can hazard a guess that what comes next is NOT the assumption that was made…

This girl is an athlete. She is working hard towards a very specific goal. She trains specifically for this goal. Her food is mapped out meticulously to support this training. She is not denying her body of anything she is giving it what it needs. She is not punishing her body. She is fuelling her body as it needs and eats pretty much around the clock.

This girl is an athlete. She fascinates people with her lifestyle. She lives out of Tupperware boxes because she knows how important it is to eat at certain times around her training. She works evenings so she can train in the day. She still gets up early to get to the gym. She does this six days a week. She doesn’t drink alcohol. She doesn’t eat meat. How does she do what she’s doing without meat? Again, her food is planned out to support her training. SHE HAS ENOUGH PROTEIN.

This girl is an athlete. She is plant powered. No, her training is not extreme. No, her diet is not extreme. They work hand in hand together and her body is a product of that. She is proud of herself. She is proud of her progress. Is she doing this because she hates her body? Absolutely not. She is doing this because she loves her body. She is working towards something she never thought she’d be able to and to not do it properly would be damaging. SHE LOVES HER BODY.

It is easy to make assumptions about something we don’t understand ourselves. Just because this girl is not a famous athlete does not make her any lesser of one or her goals any smaller. Just because this girl counts calories does not mean she hates her body. She actually looks forward to the days when she can eat nearly 3000calories.

This girl is an athlete. This girl is me. I’ll reach my goals, just watch. There is no stopping me! In three and a half weeks watch me take to the stage at the Pure Elite competition knowing I couldn’t have worked any harder or done anything more to get there.

Char x


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