The Urban Tri

Last Sunday I was invited to head down and take part in the Urban Tri with Boom Cycle. The Urban Tri has been names London’s Hottest Fitness Challenge of 2016 and deemed to be the modern triathlon. You start with 45 mins Yoga at Lululemon in Chelsea, jump into your trainers for around an 10k run to Holborn, slip on a pair of cleated shoes and take on 45mins spinning at Boomcycle. Then it’s food and goody bags galore!

I love a challenge so said I’d do it but I have to admit that I was quite nervous! Anyone who’s known me for quite some time would know I used to run quite a lot, a 10k would be nothing, something I would do for fun but I haven’t ran 10k in about three years now. If i’m doing cardio it’ll be interval sprints on the treadmill now, so the thought of having to run constantly for around an hour from Chelsea to Holborn was quite daunting…

I arrived at Lululemon on The King’s Road in Chelsea at 9.15 on Sunday morning and the only thing I knew for certain was that I’d be joined by Naomi White- Queen of Health and Fitness PR and Emily and Hannah from Twice the Health so I was looking forward to seeing them. We indulged in 45minutes of yoga focusing mainly on opening up our hips and preparing our legs ready for the run that followed. It felt really good to be led through sequences, for the most part my yoga practice is self taught and I just fit it in where I can rather than going to class, so this felt good to be instructed on how to move. Unfortunately it was over in a flash and the daunting run crept up very quickly…


I jumped into my trainers and it was time to decide which group I was going to run with. There were three pace makers a fast, intermediate and a slower one. I chose the intermediate group with Emily from Twice the Health. I figured I used to run a 50minute 10k and this group were aiming for around a 55min time so worst case scenario I dropped back and could still see them, or the slower group would catch up with me and all would still be fine. So i’m running along, inhaler in one hand, phone in the other just incase i get lost… lucky for me, I didn’t need either of them! Hurray for Charlotte! The run felt good! I finished in around 54mins, turns out it was more like 11k than 10k and I ran alongside Emily just about the whole time and were chatting, so the pace was comfortable.


Arriving at Boom Cycle I felt fantastic, really proud of myself for making it through the run in a good time, I ran down the stairs jumped into some cleated shoes and hopped on my bike (with a little help, I just cant get the hang of attaching myself to the bike?!) I had to turn on my display and stay on the bike for 45mins and then my Tri was done! I knew I was going to get through this last leg smoothly because Boom Cycle is a Party on a bike and while my legs felt the heaviest they perhaps ever had, the time went so quick because I was just having the best time!


I came out third- hooray for Charlotte! I was greeted by Naomi, goody bags and foods from Bol Foods, Propercorn and Vitacoco coconut water. No better way to finish if you ask me.


I honestly felt so good afterwards, the week leading up I’d been a bit down and sassy in training and I’d been texting Artur after every session apologising because I just hadn’t been very inspiring to train at all. This was EXACTLY what I needed.

Thank you Naomi for inviting me down and Thank you Emily and Hannah for being totally fabulous and for running alongside me Emily.

The Urban Tri happens once a month and I urge anyone who is into fitness to get themselves down to one and give it a go! I won’t be able to do the April one because of my competition prep but I’ll be back in May for sure!

Head over to the Boom Cycle website and have a look what its all about for yourselves

Bring on May!

Char x


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