Dating a non-ethical Vegan…


This post is some-what different to what I normally post but still relevant and fairly amusing in my opinion.

I’ve been single for some time now and that’s not a problem for me whatsoever. I have so much going on that going out of my way to find someone to try and connect with like that just isn’t up there at the top of my to do list right now. (But if something was to naturally and organically  happen, that wouldn’t be a bad thing…)

HOWEVER in some experience of going on dates and/or being asked on dates since being vegan it has become very apparent how the word VEGAN can change everything….

Here’s how one story went while I was working at the pub (entirely paraphrased but you get the idea)-

Guy: here’s my number we should go out some time, text me

Me: *blushed* *giggled* thanks

Lost said phone number, didn’t text guy

Guy comes back to the pub another day…

Guy: you didn’t text

Me: erm lost your number and figured if it wasn’t just a drunk thing, you’d be back…

Guy: fair, well let me take yours and we’ll grab some food soon

We make plans that end up falling through because we both have work… We don’t rearrange, conversation fizzles. That’s the end of that then. 

Turns out we have a mutual friend who brought me up in conversation one day and asked what happened. His response- but she’s vegan and I like steak. My friend laughed at him (rightly so) and was like- you can still have steak just because she won’t doesn’t mean you can’t …

So that’s how that went…


A little about me and my reasons for being vegan. I’m a non ethical vegan-I do it for health reasons, sure it’s wonderful that it helps the animals but you don’t need to worry about me marching outside your house with a protest board. My body is good at being vegan and works better being vegan and especially with all my training, it’s great. I also eat a lot! So even though I’m a vegan for health reasons, I don’t only eat salad and kale. This girl is not afraid to eat!

What does it mean for you if you date me?…

  • You can’t eat meat
  • You can’t wear leather
  • You can’t drink alcohol (filtration process isn’t vegan)
  • You can’t have eggs
  • You can’t have dairy
  • You can only have salad and Kale


I’m totally kidding!


What it actually means for you:…

  • Eat whatever you like
  • I will cook for you, including meat, I’ll just make myself an alternative so we can eat together
  • Wear whatever you like
  • Drink whatever you like
  • Just be you
  • Respect that I don’t eat those things and you won’t change my mind just like I won’t try and make you vegan
  • Be open minded- I make wonderful bakes and treats and just because an ingredient might seem odd, if I hadn’t told you it was in there you wouldn’t have known and said it was delicious! (Avocado choc mousse, sweet potato brownies…)

So there we have it. The word vegan is not scary, not limiting to anyone else doesn’t change me as a person!


Char x


*disclaimer: I have no problems with ethical vegans and their beliefs, ways of life and mean no offence when I say I’m not one, but I’m not an ethical vegan and have no problems with making non vegan food for others* 


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