Auto Pilot


Pretty much on a daily basis I have people questioning how I keep going, how I stay motivated and how I have the get up and go every single day to work as hard as I am. I’ll admit that some days are easier than others by a HUGE amount! Lucky for me, I’m the sort of person where if I have a goal to achieve or a set target I have to meet I will work hard until I’ve achieved it. Having a goal in mind definitely helps, mine being my competition. I have an end goal, I have a set date that I need to achieve this by. I’ve said this before, I’m training for something I’ve wanted to do for so long and never thought I’d be able to do so, that for me is enough motivation in itself.

It isn’t always as easy as that though. Some days especially the second day into a calorie drop, I’m tired and I just go into auto pilot mode. It goes something like this:

I wake up at 7am. Kind of wondering who I am, what day it is, where I am.

I go into the kitchen and pop the oven on ready to make my food for the day. In go my Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausages. While they’re on, it’s shower time. Time to exfoliate and prep my skin ready for my competition tan. 

Out of the shower and back into the kitchen, on goes the veg and soybean spaghetti. Out comes the Tupperware, time to box it all up for the day.

Now for breakfast. A strong black coffee and Protein porridge with all the toppings!

I always give myself time to properly enjoy my breakfast, that’s my me time at the start of the day… Make sure I know who I am before leaving the house!

Time to get ready, gym clothes on. Do I even own normal clothes? Nope not sure I do! 

Off to the gym, session one with Artur. If I’m tired I’ll not talk much and just get on with what he’s asking of me. But I’ll always text after and apologise if I’ve given any sass, cried or just not spoken. 

Break time. Food. Shake. Write. 

Now for cardio. 10 mins of interval sprints. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. It doesn’t get any easier the more I do it. The speed goes up, it’s always challenging. 

After some single leg glute bridges it’s abs time. Love abs! 

Time for more food. 

Off to work I go. I get to work early so I can eat again before I start. 

Work is over in a flash and it’s time to head home.

I’m home before I know it almost like I blinked and missed it because by this point I’m tired.

Time to eat one last time, in bed, with an episode of House on Netflix to wind down. More often than not I fall asleep with the episode still playing and wake up about 10mins later so confused. I close the MacBook and go to sleep. Alarm set for 7am to do it all again. 

That’s how it is maybe once, twice a week max. I get home and into bed and feel like the day just happened around me and I wasn’t quite present in any of it. 5-6 days a week I am full of beans LOVING every minute feeling so motivated to be working towards my goal! It’s just those few days where I’m in autopilot mode and it just happens.

Get yourself motivated by finding somethings you’re truly passionate about. Whatever that is, set some goals within it. One large one and a couple of smaller goals to achieve along the way to keep yourself going allowing little pats on the back as you achieve them!

I’m five weeks out, very happy with my progress and extremely excited about the 23rd April! I’m very lucky to have so much support around me from family, friends, acquaintances at the gym and even people I don’t know wishing me well through Instagram and the blog etc. Those messages, comments and well wishes really help so thank you guys!

Char x


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