In January The Healthy Body Kit sent me their January box to review. Healthy Body Kit is a monthly Health and Fitness subscription box. Each month it will either be mainly health or mainly fitness focused. The January Box was Health focused.

The Healthy Body Kit is a monthly subscription for women who have a keen interest in Health, Fitness and Organic Skin Care; a fully body approach to health and wellbeing.

~ The Healthy Body Kit

I was very excited when this box landed on my doorstep for what treats and samples I would find inside. I am always keen to try new things that are set out to aid my training/ improve by health and wellbeing.


So what was inside?

  • Terre Verdi Facial Oil
  • Chia Co Chia Seeds
  • Love Your Blender- Super Berry
  • Buff Bake- Chocolate Chip Protein Peanut Butter
  • Health span Elite Performance Greens

The products were great, however I could only have 4 out of 5 of them due to being vegan. I gave the Buff Bake to my best friend and gym parter who did not complain at all because she loved it. Chia seeds are one of my ultimate favourite snacks made into chia seed pudding. Love Your Blender is a great way to boost the nutritional content of your smoothies or protein shakes and the same for the Performance Greens. Unfortunately the Facial Oil was not for me, it was too floral for my personal tastes, I tend to go for something unfragranced when it comes to facial skincare, but has made me consider a different kind of facial oil rather than a cream.

The boxes are £11.99 per month if you opt for a monthly subscription and go down in price per box if you opt into a 3 month or 6 month commitment. I think the boxes are a great Idea if you are are new to health and fitness and what some help finding products that are suitable for you. Due to the products inside being sample size, it means that you aren’t buying a product with 30 servings in just to find that you don’t get along with it.

Unfortunately it isn’t the product for me because I’m vegan so it doesn’t work out very cost effective to be giving away the products that are unsuitable for me. However if you’re not vegan and looking for a way to find new health and fitness products to try then this is definitely the kit for you.

Head over and have a look at their website here.

Char x


This post is in collaboration with The Healthy Body Kit however all views are my own.


  1. Great review. There are so many of those boxes out there now it’s hard to know which one to get. I’ve had superfoodio who have been really good about swapping the products so everything is vegan in my box 🙂


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