Twenty Five 

One week ago I turned 25 and I imagine I celebrated it in a very different way to most 25 year olds but it was the perfect way for me!

My actual birthday was Friday 19th February and I started the celebrations with two of my best friends Laura and Kate. We went for breakfast at Protein Haus nice and early and had a lovely catch up over protein shakes, oats and Lenny and Larrys Protein Cookies. Then I headed to my gym to train by myself for a bit; legs, abs and triceps followed by a kick ass Bootcamp with Tyla led by Danny. I was surrounded by happy people, having fun, eating well and getting fit. Tyla then took me for Mexican food before we headed back to mine for Protein Flex bowls- why had I never made one before?!??

Saturday morning and we were up early for homemade blueberry choc chip vegan protein pancakes before heading to check out a class at Kobox. Kobox was great! “Fight club meets Night club”. You’re split into two group, those on the wall and those on the bags. The lights are down, the GREAT music is blasting and Jay who took our class is there leading you through a KILLER full body workout. You learn your boxing moves, they each have a number, and then the numbers are projected onto the wall so you can follow what you’re supposed to be doing. When you aren’t on the bags giving all the sass, you’re around the edge of the room doing things like shoulder press, squats, burpees etc. SUCH a great class, Tyla and I left feeling worked but energised at the same time, buzzing! I stopped by their shake bar for a birthday shake too on my way out. I had one called an Almond Featherweight and it was delightful!


We then headed to Cookies and Scream in Camden, a vegan bakery, for peanut butter chocolate donuts. TO DIE FOR! I would have eaten the whole tray if I could but I had to be good.image

Having said that, afterwards I headed back to my gym to squeeze in another workout before Sunday…

Sunday- I won’t speak too much about this day here, instead I’ll write a separate post. I headed to Danceworks in central for a Posing Camp with Pure Elite to learn how to work the stage when competition comes around.


Sunday evening I spent with my sister and it was lovely. We went to an Italian in Dalston called Fed by Water. They had a whole menu that was purely vegan aside from their normal menu. We shared a pizza and some pesto pasta and it was delightful! I would highly recommend this place to any vegans in London!

My birthday was all about activities and spending it around the people I love and make me happy. I don’t enjoy alcohol and going out partying so I chose not to do it. I had the best time trying out a new fitness class, posing and eating great food!

I didn’t really ask for anything for my birthday but Jessica wins with her present for me, my blog and my Instagram- a personalised presentation board for my food and recipe posts! Well done little one!

Turning 25 didn’t phase me, sure I’m another year older but I’m having the time of my life, working towards a goal I never thought I could!

Char x


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