What I Eat in a Day

My kind of training is a very foreign yet fascinating concept to a lot of people.

  • ‘What do you eat?’
  • ‘How often do you train?’
  • ‘What’s a typical day for you?’
  • ‘Who makes all your food for you?’
  • ‘What type of training do you do?’
  • ‘What do you want to look like?’

These are all questions I get quite often and today I’m going to answer the first question for you, ‘What do you eat?’:

(not a daily occurrence- but if I do say so myself, how good do my protein pancakes look?!)


This week is the final week of a six week cycle in terms of training and calories. We have been calorie cycling to keep my body guessing and allowing for lean gains. I haven’t been ‘bulking’ as such just focussing on staying fairly lean whilst building muscle. Since October my body fat % hasn’t reached anywhere above 18% percent. I’m currently at 14.75% and I’ve fluctuated between both figures depending on my diet BUT I haven’t had a ‘bulking season’. At week one I started on 2750 calories per day and I’ve been dropping 100 calories off my daily intake each week. Now that I’m at 2250 calories, 40% carbs, 35% and 25% protein here’s a look at a day’s food for me.

Meal 1: 621 cal

  • Protein Oats-
    • 45g Chunky Oats
    • 30g Soy Protein
    • 10g Raw Cacao Powder
    • 2 tsp Desiccated Coconut
    • 30g Pip and Nut Coconut Almond butter
    • 20g Morello Cherry Jam
    • Fresh raspberries
    • Boiling Water

Snack 1: 311 cal

  • Trek Peanut Power Protein Bar
  • Pure Nutrition Natural Vegan Protein Shake- Summer Berries

Meal 2: 279 cal

  • 50g Wholewheat Pasta
  • 1/2 Courgette
  • 50g Kale
  • 50g Broccoli
  • 80g Sweetcorn
  • tabasco, black pepper, garlic salt, soy sauce

Snack 2: 108 cal

  • Pure Nutrition Natural Vegan Protein Shake- Summer Berries

Meal 3: 279 cal

  • 50g Wholewheat Pasta
  • 1/2 Courgette
  • 50g Kale
  • 50g Broccoli
  • 80g Sweetcorn
  • tabasco, black pepper, garlic salt, soy sauce

Snack 3: 104 cal

  • Alpro Soy Chocolate Dessert pot

Meal 4: 228 cal

  • 600g Tomato, Chickpea and Spinach Soup

Snack 4: 136 cal

  • 150g Soybean salad

Throughout the day I also had: 168 cal

  • 1 Apple and Elderflower Green Tea
  • 1 Mint Blend tea
  • 3 scoops USN Amino-Gro BCAA in 1.8L water (to aid recovery and muscle growth)


This for me was actually a higher protein/ lower fat day coming in at the following:

Calories: 2235

Carbs: 41% 212g

Fat: 26% 58g

Protein: 32% 166g

Training on this day:

  • Arms and Shoulders with Artur- 1 hr 20 mins
  • HIIT and Abs


So there we have it, an insight into what goes into my diet during all of this competition prep. Like I said this was the final week of the 6 week cycle, so next week I am upping my calories again. This time we’ll be starting at 2500 for two reasons, so that my body doesn’t hold onto all the extra calories as if I went back to 2750, and so that when I get down to the final week of this new cycle, I’ll be even lower at 2000 calories a day for that week. Artur sets my calories and macros and then I decide what I eat so long as it fits in those macros and is nutritionally sound.

It isn’t as easy as just eating lots and then eating nothing close to competition. It’s carefully tracked and calculated to benefit my body in the best possible way.

Hope that was interesting/ answered different people’s curiosities.

Char x


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