A week in my shoes 

Quite often I get asked ‘What’s a typical day for you?’ unfortunately I don’t really have a ‘typical’ day from one to the next. Due to my training and work, every day is different so it is much easier to share with you a fairly typical week in my shoes at the moment.


So, I am currently 10 weeks out before the big competition date and this is what was in store for me last week:

Last week’s Daily Calorie Intake: 2350- 40% Carbs, 35% Fat, 25% Protein.


Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

9 am– LEG DAY! Glutes, Quads, Calves with Artur

12.30pm– HIIT- Sprints and Abs

2pm– Shopping for Fitness clothes for a photoshoot

4pm-9.30pm- Work- It was press night for the new show so a fair bit busier than usual

10.30pm– Get home, relax, eat Protein Oats (obviously!)



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

11.30am– Measurements then Chest and Back with Artur. My measurements showed great progress across our 11 weeks training together so far, have a look in my previous post here!

1pm– Coffee and Blogging

3.30pm Work- delivery, carrying stock up and down three flights of stairs (another workout in itself!)

6pm-9.30pm Work

10.15-11.15pm Gym- HIIT- Interval sprints and Abs



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

9am– Leg day No.2- Hamstrings with Artur

1pm-4.15pm Work

6pm-9.30pm Work



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

10am– Shoulders and Arms with Artur

12pm– Blogging

2pm– HIIT- Interval Sprints and Abs

3.30pm– Blogging

6pm- 9.30pm– Work



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

Morning– Cleaning the flat, Blogging and food prep for the day

2.15pm– Leg Day No.3 with Artur followed by Abs

6pm-9.30pm Work



Wake up, Black coffee and food prep for the day

9am- Abs

10am– Fasted Spin (Artur’s class)

11.30am-4.15pm Work

6pm-9.30pm Work

After I’ve finished work I need to get the train to Jessica’s in Essex and then quickly rehearse for Sunday



Wake up, Protein Oats and Food prep for the day

10.30am-3.30pm– Partner Acro Yoga photoshoot with Jessica for Festival Studio Photography

5pm- Travel back to London

7.30pm– Home for dinner and relax


So as you can see this week was pretty busy and hectic for me. Lots of training around work and blogging. Due to my shoot on Sunday and working a few extra hours, I also didn’t have a full rest day this week.  Normally I like to keep Sundays (where possible) as rest days because it is really important to give your body a break and let it recover. Rest days are just as important as training days so that you don’t burn out. Next week I will be taking FULL advantage of my Sunday rest day as well as brunch at 26grains with Tyla!

There is a little insight into a week in my shoes. Coming soon will also be a post about what I eat in a day too as I know that fascinates quite a few of you too!

Char x


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