Reminding myself I’m only human

Here’s a very honest and emotionally driven post for you!


Today was a horrible day for me. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe I just got out of bed on the wrong side today. It started when I got to the train station and the oyster top up machines weren’t working and the man in the ticket office wouldn’t top it up and got very funny with me about it all. It was unnecessary but all of a sudden I found myself welling up (come on Charlotte get it together!). I think I was just very conscious that I was about to miss my train and the man wouldn’t help me, definitely not worth my tears though!


Then I got to the gym, time for shoulders and arms, one set into the first exercise and I was balling my eyes out. SUCH a girl. Involuntarily though, my muscles didn’t hurt, I wasn’t in physical pain but for some reason I was finding it HARD to keep it together. I wasn’t going to give up though. We carried on and pushed through, upping weights where we could and was actually a really good session besides the crying. From the second I cried in that first exercise, I continued to cry the whole way through the remainder of the session (sorry Artur!). What was really lovely though was that another regular member who has seen my progress came over and reassured me how great my progress was and how I’m looking. He also said that it is an emotional process too and he’s right! Blood, sweat and tears are going into this! So it was really great to feel that encouragement from another member here, one of the reasons I love my gym!

However if I’m completely honest I think I’m just tired! I haven’t been sleeping enough because I get in late and then either catch up with my housemates or just faff around! Sleep is SO important, especially in a process like this, those hours are needed to recharge and repair and I’ve been taking advantage of my body completely and not giving it enough time to do that. So, my goal for the rest of February is to get into the habit of going straight to bed when I get home from work and let my body rest- Netflix may be calling my name, but I just need to put it aside for a while and sleep for longer.


Moral of the story- LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!

Days like today remind me that I am only human, one bad day is not the be all and end all and doesn’t have to escalate further. In terms of the process, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I just need to learn to listen to my body before I burn out and trash it, I am not superhuman!

Tomorrow is another day, I am going to give myself plenty of sleep and then smash leg day no.3 of the week tomorrow!

Char x

Photo by Michael Barry for North Four


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