Breaking the Fast

As many of you know, breakfast for me is really the be all and end all of meals. Breakfast at mine comes before anything else! So what would I typically make for breakfast? Since a lot of my training happens before lunch, it is really important for me to make sure I fuel up at breakfast with slow release carbs and protein.

My go to breakfast is protein porridge. It is quite the operation since I tend to put everything in my bowl including the kitchen sink! Most people respond to my porridge with ‘oh, I just use oats and milk’. Not here, not here! Here’s a pretty typical protein porridge breakfast of mine and it’s nutritionals.



60g Jumbo Oats

60g Protein Powder ( The Protein Works Millionaires Shortbread Soy Protein)

15g Chia Seeds

3 tbsp Original Choc Shot

1 Sliced Banana

(and in this instance a couple of crumbled oreos)


  1. Simply mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl
  2. Add boiling water until at your desired consistency
  3. Decorate with Sliced Banana, Chocshot
  4. Optional- crumble oreos on top!

Without Oreos:

Calories: 687




With Oreos


Carbs: 97g

Protein: 59g

Fat 13g

That’s just one of my lovely huge porridge bowls of a morning, I appreciate that not everyone can consume around 700 calories for breakfast BUT given the training I am doing, I can and thought I would give you all an insight into what I was usually have for breakfast. You could reduce the serving size for a smaller portion for example: 40g oats and 30g protein. My porridge theme is changed daily with various toppings and delights, have a look at the other pictures below:.

What does your breakfast look like? Or, do you even eat breakfast?

Char x



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