CocoPro- ‘New Year New You’

Yesterday I headed down to the CocoPro HQ for their New Year New You event with the lovely Adrienne. After an intro to the brand and product, Adrienne led a Strength and Stretch class to a room full of fitness junkies like me who had been invited down by CocoPro.

Adrienne is a PT, Dancer, all round superstar and yummy mummy. Her class was split in two, Strength followed by Stretching. The strength part was a series of body weight exercises with differing levels of difficulty depending on your level of strength so that everyone could be pushed.My favourite were the spiderman push ups, they always go down a treat with me!

Then we moved onto the stretch part, a series of stretches to get to all of those pesky aching muscles that we’d just worked. The dancer in me loved this part of the class time to indulge in a deep stretch, and in the stretches Adrienne chose to take us through, I could also see these came from the dancer in her too!

FullSizeRender 2

Instagram: @adriennetmm

The Product:

CocoPro is a protein enriched coconut water. The coconut water is 100% fresh coconut water not from concentrate which means it still has all the natural electrolytes found in coconut water (great for replenishing all the salt lost through sweat). Each serving offers up 20g of protein which is great! Unfortunately it is whey protein so I am unable to consume it however, this makes my trainer very happy because it meant he got gifts when I turned up to training this morning.


How can I vouch for a product I can’t consume? 

Well that part is easy for CocoPro because I used to drink it all the time before I went vegan. I LOVE coconut water and if it offers 20g of protein to recover after a workout then what can be better?! There are two flavours: Original and Pineapple. I used to drink both and I tell you now, they’re delicious.  For me, CocoPro isn’t all about the product. Sure, that’s what they’re selling BUT the ethos and feel of the brand are so important too. As most people know, I tweet quite a lot about my training and they’re always cheering me on and supporting me over both Twitter and Instagram. So when I look at my phone after training to see messages of encouragement it just fires me up even more to keep pushing so hard! Thanks Guys! You can find the product at most leading health stores but head over to their website here to have a look at what they’re about.


I had a really great time yesterday at the event and met some awesome people too! Obviously Adrienne and the CocoPro team but also Hannah from Twice the Health and Hayley from Break The Loop. Go check them all out at the links below the pictures- Blogs, twitter and instagram!

Char x

group HayleyInstagram: @Hayleyjanefitness

group cocoproInstagram: @Drinkcocopro

Drink CocoPro 



Adrienne ‘That’s My Mum’ 



Hannah Twice the Health



Hayley Break The Loop




Sports Bra: Forever21

Leggings: Other Stories

Trainers: Nike


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