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Some of you may know that I recently shot for Puregym’s first ever TV advert. Exciting right! We all know I’m no stranger to confessing  my love for Puregym- it is done almost daily over on my twitter!

The amount of support I have received from both gym members and staff since starting my competition prep is overwhelming. The trainers always ask how I’m getting on, what’s next and commenting on my progress. Other regular gym goes who I see in there every single day say hi, ask how I am etc and it’s just lovely. One day a gym member who I have never spoken to, spoke to Artur while I wasn’t in and complimented my attitude to training. How nice is that? He didn’t need to! It is so lovely to be able to step into the free weights area when Artur says ‘Go and get the Olympic Platform, I’ll be down in a moment’ and not feel intimidated by everyone down there. People respect my training and I probably fascinate a few because I still look quite small but my strength is coming on leaps and bounds and I am growing!

Take a look at their advert below and see if you can spot me!

I was also part of their stills ad campaign online across social media etc. Here is and ad that’s been used on Facebook:


Since there is so much ‘new year new me’ and everyone is heading to the gym, there really is no other choice in my opinion. Get your butts to a Puregym NOW! Memberships are a low price but this does not mean that the service is any less than at a gym where you would pay upwards of £50 a month for! Infant I’ve found I’m having a better experience here than when I was at an expensive gym tied into a contract.

If you’re already a member they’re giving you the chance to win PT sessions and a Puregym bundle with a #PureGymSelfie. All you have to do is take a selfie in front of one of their slogans on the wall, upload it to social media (twitter or instagram) tag your gym and use the hashtags #puregymselfie and #everybodywelcome for your chance to win. Here’s mine:


So whatever your goal is or your current level of health and/or fitness,  Puregym is my recommended place to be. If you’ve just started your New Year New Me journey into 2016 there are great classes and trainers to help you along the way. Or if like me you’re training with a very specific end goal etc Puregym is also the place for you with people there to push you to your limits! #EverybodyWelcome

Char x


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