Fasted Spin- My Experience

I LOVE breakfast so to say I was a little nervous was an understatement…. And when I say I love breakfast I mean, it is the first thing I do when I wake up. Showering, getting myself ready and making lunch can wait, breakfast always comes first and it’s normally a good 500-700 calories too!

Over the past couple of weeks we have reintroduced cardio back into my training. At the moment I’m doing three HIIT sprint sessions and one spin class a week. We had a conversation about doing fasted cardio for the HIIT sessions but in reality it didn’t give my body enough time to recover before going back to train weights the same Afternoon/morning. So we decided that Saturday morning spin would be fasted as we don’t train weights that day.

Fasted cardio is said to burn up to 20% more fat if done in the morning as opposed to cardio after eating a meal i.e breakfast. Overnight your body is fasting and holds onto carbohydrate stores so turns to your fat for energy to burn. In short, that’s the idea anyway.

Obviously I want to build muscle so will only be doing this once a week and certainly not before a weights session!

The spin class is 45mins long and it isn’t easy when I’m fully fuelled never mind on just one black coffee! So I was nervous as you can imagine especially after my third leg day of the week yesterday!

So how did I find it?

During– I couldn’t believe how much energy I actually had! I kind of spent the whole session in disbelief. Sure, my legs ached especially on a five minute hill climb and when hovering down I front of my seat, but I had energy and felt powerful in the sprints! However I have never sweat so much! Even when working super dooper hard I’m not much of a sweater. Everyone who knows me knows this, and when everyone used to be sweating buckets during rehearsals at University, I wasn’t at all, making me look like I wasn’t working hard- I assure you that was not the case! But today, even my sweat was sweating! I didn’t know what to do when my salty sweat found its way into my eyes!

Straight After– I felt great! What a great way to start my weekend. Once the class finished I tucked into my Trek Protein flapjack and some date paste to get in some sugar and protein before heading to the free weights section by myself. I had a couple of shoulders and back exercises to do to make sure they keep progressing and building.

Later in the day– Still felt good, my legs and core definitely feel worked on top of my DOMS from yesterday’s session too.

All in all it was a great session and the best way to start my weekend. Fasted spin is a yes from me and will now be a regular occurrence!

Now for breakfast!

Char x


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