I’ve fallen in Love 💪👊 Training Update

I thought I would give you all a quick update in my training and how it’s all going for me. 
I’ve fallen completely in love with my training and this lifestyle. For me it isn’t a chore to go to the gym, to eat a certain way or to get my head in the game. I don’t get that ‘eugh I can’t be bothered today’ merely because I love training and actually can’t wait to get back into the gym.

At the moment I am about 8 weeks or so into my training and have already seen so much progress and my body seems to be responding well to the training. I’ve managed to gain about 4kilos of muscle which is great whilst my body fat has been coming down, and even over Christmas has stayed under 16%!

I have decided that I would like to compete in April. I’ll tell you when exactly, when I have registered for the competition-probably in about a week or so. But the end of April is about 15 or so weeks away so that is my time frame. Sure, April sounds a while away, but 15weeks actually sounds like nothing and I know it will all come around SO quickly!

I currently train 5 days a week with my trainer, Artur and another day alone or with my gym partner Tyla. At the moment four of those days are double gym days where I’ll train weights with Artur and then go back later on and do core and cardio either by myself or with Tyla. I honestly couldn’t wish for a more supportive gym- Puregym Finsbury Park! All of the trainers chat to me, ask me how I’m getting on, what’s next, talk about my progress. It’s a really great place to be!

I’m booked onto a posing camp in February to teach me about posing, walking, tans, THE WORKS! I’ll get to speak to professionals and get as much advice as I possibly can squeeze out of them about competing for the first time!

I have a couple of very exciting meetings this week so keep your eyes peeled!

Char x


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