But how can you train that much… You’re Vegan?!

* Face-Palm *

Hello it’s 2015!
Whenever I get into conversations about going to the gym or training the first thing that crops up is ‘but you’re vegan, you need protein!’

Little do people know that protein doesn’t not have to be obtained by animal and or/animal products. Did you know that per 100 calories, broccoli has almost double the amount of protein in it as Beef?!! Now I’m not saying that we should all go out and JUST eat SO MUCH broccoli because you need a variety of foods that contain different amino acids to get what your body needs. However if you’re a massive fan like me, you’ll have lots of broccoli in your diet already.

When I was at university I used to me massive on protein shakes and ergogenic aids but since becoming vegan and being more in tune with my body, I don’t tend to use them unless I really need to. I have both soya and hemp protein powders at home but don’t use them unless I find that for how much training I’ve done, I haven’t taken in enough protein…..( Unless it’s a Pulsin brownie heated and turned into pudding )

The way I train is so varied, from Yoga to Weights, from bootcamps to stability work. I get some odd looks in the gym, especially when I’m training my scorpion on a bosu ball. I train at Puregym in Finsbury Park. It’s a great place, super friendly staff, great classes and lots of space to do what I want to…. Like the bosu ball scorpions… This tests my stability and control to get in and out of the position on an unstable surface so that when I take it to the floor again, I should be stronger. Have a look:

I don’t necessarily always have an event I’m working towards or a BIG goal to achieve. That’s not what it’s about for me. I’m passionate about having a body I’m proud of and comfortable in all year round (not just summer!). Also, because some of my training is flexibility based etc, I like to celebrate the small victories, like balancing on a forearm and an elbow with both feet by my head (I know, sounds odd….. I do get looks! Haha)

In each workout I do at the gym, I incorporate a bit of yoga afterwards. This helps keep my mind and body in check, my little bit of self indulgence and quiet after a killer workout. It really helps me, I’ve said before about how I never understood yoga before but now I’m practicing almost daily and couldn’t do without it! It won’t be for everyone but I think everyone should try it once, you might surprise yourself!

 Do it for yourself! Not anyone else.  Sure, other people may comment if they notice some changes in how you look or how your carry yourself but remember you’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it for you!

Peace out! ✌🏻️


One Reply to “But how can you train that much… You’re Vegan?!”

  1. Impressive pictures and discipline, vegan or not! And it is amazing where you can find protein. I’m not vegan but don’t eat a ton of meat and still turn to my protein powder only as a last resort.


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