Move Your Frame!

As some of you know I did a shoot with Frame Studios at the end of the summer.

When I was as invited to shoot for them I messaged my friend Laura to tell her and much to my delight she told me she was too! Straight after, I emailed Frame to see how they would feel about us shooting together and they were just as excited as I was and got us both in to shoot together.

So what were we shooting for?

Frame just opened their third studio in London just minutes from King’s Cross Station. Such a gorgeous new studio, shop and Fuel Cafe.

Along with this new studio opening, came the launch of it’s website.
The images are used across the website to advertise the classes they do, in blog posts by Frame and across their social media channels (Instagram and Twitter)

Go follow them! @moveyourframe

 At the top of the new website their is also video footage of what you can expect at Frame. Both Laura and I feature in that and it is accessible from a computer at:

I’ve found that the mobile version of the site does not show the video footage so open using a computer if you want to see!

Me and Laura had THE best time. I think you can tell this from the photos too. This is because the team were SO welcoming and accommodating. Have a look for yourselves!

You should also get to a class if you can and see for yourselves. They have studios in Shoreditch, Queenspark and now King’s Cross too!
All images provided by Move Your Frame/Frame Studios


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