Charlotte Vs Juicing

For a long time now the idea of ‘juicing’ or doing a ‘juice cleanse’ has intrigued me. Not to lose weight because I’m very aware that I don’t have a lot to lose, but more to give my digestive system a break and replenish with nutrients that I might have been lacking from being so busy.

I spent some time looking into juice cleanses that were available as packages and programmes. They tended to offer 1,3, 5 and 7 day packages. Most were around 6 juices a day, one of which being a mylk (dairy free milk alternative) drink to end the day.  During the programmes you can have unlimited decaffeinated herbal teas and water. The ranged in prices looking at around £60 for a 3 day cleanse if you found a deal on groupon or wowcher or a platform like that. Now, not all of us have a disposable £60 here and there just for a couple of days of juicing ….

Another option was to replicate a juice package and make the juices at home. If anyone has ever used a juicer you’ll know just how much fresh fruit and veg you need to just get one half pint glass off juice. That’s a whole lot of prep for a juice that will last two seconds. Aside from it being a lot of effort, one of the days I’d chosen to juice for I was working a full day so merely didn’t have the time to make so much juice.

Therefore I decided to head to one of my favourite stores and buy juices that would replicate one of the other packages. I bought 3 green juices, one other vegetable juice, one juice shot and a Mylk smoothie. Having already decided to juice for two days, I picked up all I would need for two full days of juicing. All juices were cold pressed and had had no heat treatment, pasteurisation or additives.

Day one:

The Juices:

I woke up and started the day with a mug of fresh lemon and hot water (a little different to my usual morning coffee). My first juice of the day was a green one- lettuce, Apple, celery, basil, lime, cucumber and spinach. I liked this. Tasted kind of like a bottle of salad, I can’t imagine it appeals to the every day human being. But to a weirdo vegan like me it was great. My second juice was the same. Then I had a Beetroot, Apple, Carrot and Ginger to break up the greens. I usually hate any juice that has beetroot in because it has such an earthy taste so I wasn’t too hopeful with this one. Weirdly I liked it. The apple really cut through the beetroot so it wasn’t too much of an earthy taste and much more pleasant than expected. Then another green juice followed. My fifth juice was a pomegranate and blueberry shot. This was really tart and a welcome change to my palette after so much green! My final drink of the day was my mylk- a banana, almond and cashew milk smoothie. SO nice and felt almost like dessert!  In between the juices I had numerous herbal teas and glasses of water to keep hydrated and distract my mind that is so used to eating.

How I felt:

I must admit that I had a headache ALL day. I’m not sure why because I’m not one to get headaches very often but it pounded hard and strong!

I also missed eating. SO much. I love eating and enjoy leading my vegan lifestyle with interesting foods, so to go a whole day without eating and only drinking was tough!

Around 2pm ish, I started to feel a little nauseous. Maybe it was my body adapting to just juices or maybe it was working with my headache to just give me hell, I don’t know but it just wasn’t nice.

End of day one conclusion: juicing is hard and I miss food!

Day two:

The juices:

The juices and how they ordered were the same as day one however I swapped the beetroot juice for a carrot juice, the pomegranate shot for an apple and ginger shot and the Mylk for a cacao and date mylk smoothie. Before starting the juice days I had already decided which juices I would prefer most out of the ones I could change and made sure they were all on the second day because I might have needed to extra push.

How I Felt:

Good news is that I didn’t feel sick at all and my headache went by about 12pm but I felt so zapped of energy. Luckily this day fell on my day off because I don’t think I could have worked through it. I felt a bit like a walking zombie. My body felt great though, any water weight had been shed so there wasn’t any bloating or anything. Around half way through the day it suddenly dawned on me just how few calories I will have consumed over the two days. Less than 700 calories a day. Less than 1500 calories for both days together. That’s far less than I should consume in one day on its own. This is not good.


Never again please! I will never understand how people get hooked on these juice cleanses. I mean each to their own, just because I haven’t found to get on with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others. I would much rather eat well and a balanced diet and just look after myself generally. And at less than 700 calories a day it’s no wonder I felt like a walking zombie. By midday on day two I had already fully planned what I would be eating the next day.

Juices should be supplementary to your lifestyle not as replacements to all food.

Now pass me some houmous and pitta!


2 Replies to “Charlotte Vs Juicing”

  1. I really liked reading this post! I am such a big fan of juice, but I think it should be added to our diets, not the only thing in it! Glad to hear your honest opinion 🙂


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