Happiness > Perfection

As most of you know I’m very big on being at one with my body physically and mentally. I try to live each day mindfully taking those small moments for myself.

For a lot of people, especially people like me growing up in the dance and performing industry there is a word that is used a lot to try and get results that people want- perfection/perfect. Perfection is a nasty little devil that is sent to chase us and destroy little pieces of happiness bit by bit.

For a long time it was this a little demon that stuck with me. You have to be perfect, everything has to be like so, you need to look perfect, your dancing needs to be perfect, your body needs to be perfect. Nobody can get this out of your head but you. (And really, no one planted the demon there but you…)
It wasn’t until recently that I came to accept that perfect does not exist. Perfection is subjective. Your view of perfect will be completely different to somebody else’s view of perfect.  Everyone has their flaws and nothing natural will be completely flawless. Once I realised this and accepted it I became a much happier person entirely. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful inside or out, it means that you are, because of these differences.


Choose Happiness!

I will pick happiness over perfection any day of the week. You should feel confident in your own skin whether you’re wearing make up or not, in your best clothes or your best sweatpants! I feel my best in yoga pants and a sports bra with my favourite Nikes on, so what!

So long as I’m making progress in whatever I am working towards then I’m happy. If for any reason I hit a plateau, I take some time out to work out why and where I can go next to keep progressing however small the progress may be.
Moral of the story?

Always choose happiness

Does it make you happy? No- stop doing it!

Does is make you happy? Yes- go at it full force and enjoy that happiness!

 Photo credits:

Image 1: Move your Frame/ Frame Studios

Image 2: own image

Image 3: Malcolm SK Fitt Photography

Image 4: own image


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