Festival Studio 2.0

In July I headed back once again to shoot with Festival Studio Photography. You may or may not know that Jessica and I shot with them in October 2014 too. This time I was shooting alone with around eight photographers. Like before it was a very fun shoot, very relaxed (hard work) but a great environment to work in.

We worked through a few looks and themes. Contemporary dance, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Acro on a mirror and the Grand Finalé- a shoot using flour to capture an image that carried motion. As you can see we had a lot to fit into the day, each of the photographers had one on one time with me in each of the themes. I’ll include for you at least one image from each of the themes.

Some of the photographers came with specific ideas of what they wanted to capture and some with reference picture to try and recreate. Others, were happy to let me move through sequences and positions for them to capture.

Festival Studio always know how to look after me and is always the most inviting atmosphere to work in.

I am also delighted to tell you that I have been invited back once again to shoot with Festival Studio in October. There was a great reaction to the flour shots and people have requested a second shoot date- great news! So in light of this coming up have a look below at what we achieved in the July shoot.

We had Charlotte as our subject model fir an aerials, contemporary dance, modelling and powder shoot at the studio recently. Her performance was flawless, giving great energy and fun to whoever photographed her. A lovely girl who brought confidence and great humour. Thoroughly recommended.

~ Chris Sharp,  Festival Studio Photography


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