charlotteXmalcolm – Fitness/Swimwear Collab


So I’m feeling pretty much on top of the world right now. Last weekend I escaped from West Sussex where I have been coaching dance and ran away back to London for the whole weekend. Since I knew this was my plan I contacted a Malcolm Fitt and asked if he wanted to get together and make the most of my visit back to London and shoot together….I have just received my images back from the shoot  on Sunday 16th August. I love love love them!

As you may have seen, Malcolm (the photographer) and I have collaborated a few times now. This shoot particularly, was more of a creative exchange as we both had an idea each and style we wanted to achieve so we split the shoot into two sections. The first was a fitness shoot proposed by myself as I would really like to try and branch out into more fitness/ Sports/ activewear modelling. Whilst I am on top of my body and training, it would have been a shame to have missed this opportunity to shoot. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, the sun was shining and bouncing off of my skin emphasising the shadows in my muscle tone and definition making me look strong and lean. We worked with three outfits and both agreed on the same favourite one. The mint green Nike sports bra with the Adidas tights and Nike trainers.  The combination created a crisp, professional look that really complimented my body. The mint green worked with my skin tone to make me look like I had a healthy golden glow, whilst the stripes running down the side of the Adidas tights lengthened my legs. I am so happy with the images as a whole. To me they look like something you could easily find in a Women’s Health magazine, that sort of feel.  That’s what I think anyway, have a look for yourself and see if you agree…

The latter part of the shoot was swimwear. I found myself THE most gorgeous and flattering swimsuit by South Beach Swim. The high neckline compliments my shape as I have a small chest and also small shoulders.  The cut of the leg and bum were gorgeous too, elongating my legs and giving the illusion that I do in fact have a fuller bum than I actually do (which is great). If it was acceptable, I would wear it everyday because it made me feel great! It also helped that it was white which made me look tanned too (always great!) The feel we were going for was more of a St Tropez ad campaign rather than swimwear catalogue. I believe we achieved just that between the white swimsuit, wet hair and greenery for a backdrop. The feel is classy, elegant and tropical. But don’t take my word for it, have a look yourself!

Charlotte’s physique is particularly suited to form fitting outfits so both of these themes were great. As I said, Charlotte and I have worked together a few times now in a collaborative mutually beneficial capacity. We are open to each other’s suggestions and ideas and know how to work together to achieve them as smoothly as possible.  We also respect each other’s complete (and some times brutal) honesty when it comes to reviewing the photographs post-shoot. (Fitt, 2015)

Both Malcolm and I are very pleased with the overall result of both parts to the shoot, I have incorporated a few of the images into this post but to see more of the shoot have a look here.


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