The Truth About Your Teeth

Now we all know how important good teeth are how much of an impact they can have on your life. Whether this be on your own self confidence or how you perceive other people and their levels of oral hygiene.

In January I was selected to be part of a focus group to trial four different over the counter teeth whitening products to test their results since no independent research had been carried out before. The trial was for a show called ‘The Truth About Your Teeth’ for BBC1. It aired on Thursday 4th June at 9pm and can be caught on BBC iplayer until 7th July 2015.

Now I won’t go into the ins and outs of it all here because the show takes you through the results etc but I will tell you how much of a blast I had filming for it. We were a diverse group of 12 individuals who all wanted whiter teeth for one reason or another and had to attend a few filming sessions across a few weeks. The first was to let us all in on what would be happening and to digitally measure how white our teeth were as a base level. Dr Wyman Chan used a crazy amazing camera that could take individual photographs of your teeth and enter them into some software that would give a level of whiteness. Crazy what technology can do now! There were four different types of products that were divided through the group. I had the most expensive one with a special torch to shine in my mouth and all sorts (the same as Dr Chris Van Tulleken.) We were then told one little bit of key information that we hadn’t been told in the lead up to this point…… we had to keep home videos throughout the whitening process…… funniest thing ever!

If you fancy a laugh have a little look at the video I put together below- no fancy shmancy editing just a little idea of what the BBC had to sit through when selecting home video clips to show…. Apparently I don’t seem too impressed with the idea of smiling all day…

The whole process was really fun and quite insightful and i think that comes across well in our clips on the show. For any of my dancer/actress/actor friends out there that are auditioning etc, there are some pretty great tips for short term solutions to whiter teeth. Dr Wyman Chan was actually told one of them by a famous actress and it really works, so take a look at the show and find out what you should be doing to whiten your teeth just before that big audition.

Find out if the products are worth your while and how much of a difference they make by watching the show here: 2015-01-29 12.29.10 2015-01-29 12.42.0015518_10155637473640075_6837635885282708113_n11407257_10155637473350075_7701403793350857226_n11401027_10155637473270075_7554672379621068123_n


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