‘In Our Dreams’- Aim to Fly

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As you may have read previously, for about a year or so now I have been part of Aim to Fly, an inclusive aerial arts company. The cast is made up from the most wonderful group of people and is also a very diverse group with a range of disabilities.

We are currently working on getting our first show together and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get us a six month Research and Development period, allowing us all to meet once a week for a full day. Here is a little more about the piece:

The project we wish to present is our first production ‘In Our Dreams’ This act, consists of a wheelchair user who is inspired by a dancer. When the wheelchair user sleeps, she enters a world full of magic. A world where she can dance and fly, and a world where all her friends who live with various disabilities can also fly. The magic of this production is that every character is based on the artist’s true life. The piece we would like to show you is approx 10 mins long with 2 performers.

Mel Stevens, founder of Aim to Fly, Suffered a Spinal Chord injury in 2003 leaving her unable to walk without aids such as crutches or a wheel chair. Since finding Aerials she has discovered there is so much more she can do with her body and we would like to be able to make this happen for so many more people! Our passion for aerial arts is truly contagious and it is something that we wish to share.

£2500 will fund a six month Research and Development process for three artists to meet once a week to get this project launched!

In order to tour this work in 2016, we need this research and development period to create, build and mature the work.

Please follow this link to check out our campaign and watch our campaign video:


Please help us be sharing and pledging. Pledging is more than the money, it is allowing us to feel your support to get this amazing project going!

Thank you!

Any contribution will be very much appreciated to make this happen for us.


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