The Royals. Season 1, Episode 5.

Last summer (2014) I was lucky enough to shoot a few days on The Royals, which I posted about at the time. The show has now aired on E! and so have the episodes that I shot for. Here are a few screen shots and images for you. Enjoy!

11109622_10155496218295075_7736052500103121092_o 11160633_10155496218300075_4575427828289028105_o 11169650_10155496218290075_2535921844329585432_o 11174634_10155496218285075_8318539041282862652_o 11146390_10155496218115075_5125355853087151546_o 11187364_10155496218130075_6554423152103624428_o 11194537_10155496218125075_1096065042509088676_o 11163112_10155496218105075_7504694449329916240_o


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