Nick Radley Headshots

Shortly after moving to London I was chatting to Aidie, someone I met on a shoot in the summer and he dropped into conversation that he was getting a couple businesses going. He then went on to tell me that one of those was Headshots and would I like to have some done….obviously I said yes! I then had a conversation with the photographer (that night!) and we set up a shoot for the next day!

I’m not going to lie, we probably picked THE coldest day of the year so far and to add to that It kept raining that horrible drizzly fine rain where one minute you’re bone dry and half an hour later you’re soaking and have no idea how it even happened.

Right from the off Nick was really friendly and approachable and this set up for a great shoot. We headed out and found a couple of locations to shoot, all were outside. This was great for me (bar the temperature) because my other Headshots had all been taken in a studio. A few locations and concealed changes later and we were wrapped. Throughout, Nick gave great direction. He knew where to ask you to move for the light to hit your face right and asked for a variety of looks…. If there was something that worked he’d ask me to hold it and we’d shoot that for a moment and then move on. Nearing the end of the shoot, I was turning into an icicle and grabbed my scarf/shawl/blanket (the most versatile wonderful thing ever) to try and thaw out a little and get some circulation back and Nick asked to shoot me in it….. Turns out most of the shots I selected are those wrapped in my scarf.

I was really impressed with how my images turned out and there was a really quick turn around from shoot, to selection,to retouched to me receiving them. Really great service. Communication was amazing too right from the off, to making sure I was happy afterwards. I genuinely would recommend Nick to anyone, have a look for yourselves….







Whether you’re an actor, dancer, MT Performer, any creative professional or ANYONE that requires a professional headshot/ portrait photograph Nick is the person to go to.

If you’re interested, even just to enquire, contact details are below:

Aidie Palmer:
Nick Radley:

When I share this post on Facebook I’ll also tag them in it if you would rather find them that way.

Like I say, I’m really happy with my images and would happily go back when they need updating!


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