Flying Fantastic

As you all know I have fallen completely-head over heels- truly madly deeply- crazy stupidly in love with aerial silks and all things upside down.

Since moving I have been rather busy with extras work and shoots etc so hadn’t actually made it to class until this week. I have also been stuck between a rock and a hard place with regards to where to train. My heart will always belong to Spin City Newbury for starting the aerial fire inside me however that’s quite a trek to make from London weekly. A lot of people recommend My Aerial Home and that’s where I thought I would end up training HOWEVER in the line of work I do, I can’t really commit to a block booking of classes. I think it’s either 10 or 12 classes you pay for at a time which is great if you can attend regular class…. But it soon gets more expensive per class when you can’t attend every one in the booking….. So for the time being it won’t be the place for me, although I am keen to go and see what all the fuss is about!

In my exploration for a drop in class, I found a great place called Flying Fantastic based in Battersea. Classes are drop in, in the sense that it isn’t a block booking, but you do need to book for each individual class. The class is also 90mins which is great because by the time you have completed your warm up and conditioning you still have a lot of time to learn new skills. There were about 16 of us in class with two people per set of silks and about 3/4 instructors, really great! This meant that everyone was catered for beginners, intermediates and those more advanced. I was in the more advanced group and boy did I know it! Four weeks out of training aerially and my body made sure I knew it! We learnt a Boat Climb…. Way harder than the instructor made it look… Way harder! It’s all about the placement of your front splits leg on the silks in its initial contact, it needs to by high enough so that once you have rolled through you can Hocks on…. I managed ONE…. Yes one. Although I think only two of us out of six managed that one. I now need to build the strength back and get my head around going in for another in order to actually climb it.

We also learnt a Splitsy Drop, obviously a technical term there…. But when you see it you’ll get it. I loved it but I love everything Splitsy. The drop is a gentle one too, a lot of the time when there are multiple wraps, at the end of the drop you can feel like you have a snake constricting any circulation you may have once had to that limb; but this was gentle 🙂

So there we have it, I’m back to aerial training and loving it (and still feeling it from Thursday). After being out for a month I felt like a child in a toy shop I just couldn’t wait to play, with a great deal of excitement. Needless to say I’ll be in class most weeks I can and hopefully finding a way to perform it in no time!


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