Festival Studio Photography

In October Jessica and I took a job with Festival Studio Photography modelling/ dancing for a group photography session.

From the moment we arrived we couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome, the atmosphere was lovely. We had our own dressing room, gowns, slippers… The works!

The idea of the shoot was Contemporary Dance and Aerial silks. Jessica and I had practiced a few partner holds/positions and then we worked through some solo shots also. It was arranged so that thee were about 5/6 photographers who each had about 15-20 minutes with us on a rotation, working through a range of shots for each. Everyone was really enthusiastic and shared their photo with each other in the lounge area excited about everyone’s shots. Occasionally someone would run back through and be like ‘you did a position for so and so, can I shoot that please’ and that was nice, their enthusiasm was contagious 🙂 All of these shots were in a bright room with a white back drop like the image below. It’s my favourite image of me and Jessica from the day. © Charles Merry.


We then took a short break and moved into the Aerial part of the shoot. I mixed between three (and one extra for Paul) positions, all the same for everyone and this was a little more strenuous than the dancing previous. A splits position, a Beamon sit and a scorpion. I really love these pictures as the lighting and post production have led to a black back drop so the silks look such a rich vibrant red. Here’s an example © Jan Marshall.


We then moved on to some more jumps, turns, leaps… Anything that we could try and capture motion within the image. I wore a light blue leotard and coloured Aztec print full skirt and Jessica wore a sheer dress that floated as she jumped, really great for capturing the movement. These shots were also lit to give a black backing and definition in the muscles, shadows of the body (great if you want your calves to look amazing! Haha) . Here’s a shot of Jessica © Paul Branton, Festival Studio Photography.


The whole experience working with Festival Studio was great, we had such a great time that before you knew it six hours had past and everyone had to go home. I honestly couldn’t recommend them more! Highly professional, welcoming and so accommodating. Hopefully we’ll shoot together again soon !

I’ll leave you with some more images from the day:

© Jan Marshall Photography






© Roger Coran




© Paul Branton, Festival Studio Photography









© Charles Merry





One Reply to “Festival Studio Photography”

  1. Well Ladies. What a great write up from your time spent with Festival Studio. So pleased you loved it! We really enjoyed your talent, skills and professionalism. We were so excited too! I’m sure we’ll all do it again. Thanks again for taking the time to share your pictures; they’re great! Regards from us all at Festival Studio ( Canvey Island). From Shirley x


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