My friend and I

Piece of String were recently invited to perform our work Still Image at a fundraiser for Awareness through Dance. Here’s a little more about the event:

“My Friend and I” is a collection of dance, theatre and spoken word from young, fresh Artists. This evening of work will raise funds for Awareness Through Dance and the Ghana 2015 trip that I, Sarah Louise B Kristiansen and a bunch of young dancers has been incredibly fortunate to be apart of. This year, the cause for the trip is Women’s Empowerment and Girl’s Education. It’s been an incredible journey so far – and I couldn’t have started it without my friends. Therefore, I chose the theme for this evening to be friendship and togetherness. Let’s all celebrate each other and how amazingly lucky we are to have incredible people around us. There will be Dance, Theatre, Spoken word and a unique opportunity to have a look at how dance is created through a live rehearsal. Furthermore, you can enter a raffle to win fantastic prizes – and most importantly, help a young woman get her bottom to Ghana! Can’t change the world sitting in a crappy flat in Kilburn, so let’s DO THIS!

We had decided leading up to the event that we would perform a 10 minute excerpt of the whole work. Unfortunately less that a week before the performance I ended up in a car accident. I am incredibly lucky that I walked away with just whiplash.


The day of the performance consisted of reworking the piece to take out any lifts I was meant to be doing and backwards rolls as those were things that would have either hurt me more at the time or left me worse off after the performance. It was a stressful morning but we sorted it out 🙂

The event was held at London Theatre Works in Fulham, it was an intimate venue that felt really nice to perform in and I think we would look to hold our own event there in the future… Have a look:


Below is a four minute excerpt of our performance from the night, have a look and see what you think:


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