Piece of String: London Bridge Live Arts Festival

As you know Frankie and I recently started our own Contemporary Dance Company Piece Of String, enabling us to make new works and collaborate choreographically.

We debuted our new work Still Image at the London Bridge Live Arts Festival, performing on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th September.
Still Image was created using photographs taken around the London Bridge area on a Polaroid film to ensure the moments captured could not be edited or altered before using them to create material.

Through sensory exploration, Still Image captures unalterable moments in time and invited the audience to find new meanings.

The festival itself was themed around the five senses. There were installations, live pieces and sensory experiences spread throughout the festival for everyone to move through and explore. We spent a lot of time in the sound installation. There were some cones suspended from the ceiling and when you placed your hand underneath it conducted light and a sound…. Each cone light had it’s own sound, so you could play around with the combination of sounds, it was really quite entrancing! Here are some images from the sound installation:



There was also a very intriguing experience for smell; you had to take a smell card and then take a seat and put on their aptly named ‘Smellmet’. You would then select a series of scents that will be pumped through the ‘Smellmet’. These selections would then be put together in a Petri dish for you and ground down so you could try them with yoghurt, bread and still lemonade. My combinations took me to a Christmassy tasting sambuca… Have a look at the set up:



The whole experience was great and a good place to start in showing our work. Have a look at Extracts from Still Image here:

We are also on Facebook so take a look at our page:


I’ll leave you now with some images taken from our performances there:







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