My experience choreographing and performing my first aerial silks solo.

The fourth of October marked my first performance as an Aerial Silks Soloist. Along with it being my first solo performance, I choreographed the whole piece myself and above all it is a discipline I have only been training for around 7months or so doing only one class a week.

As some of you may have read before, from my first lesson I fell completely in love with silks.

So how was it to choreograph and perform my own piece?

It was a challenge that’s for sure! Mainly due to being indecisive and not being able to choose what I wanted to put in it. It was up to me, everything would have been in it and it would have been the longest solo! I managed to finally choose what I wanted in my solo but it really is amazing how long things take to do…. I spent a lot of time mapping my solo out in my mind thinking I would probably have lots of time to spare at the end. In actual fact I ran out of music and had to trim my routine back. It is crazy how long it actually takes to manoeuvre your body in and out of positions and sequences!

I loved every single minute of the whole experience and performing as an aerialist was great! It’s something i definitely want to be doing more of! The theme of the showcase was ‘Vintage’ …I knew there would be lots of flapper girls, show girls and pin up girls so figured I would do something different. I chose to create a 1940s themed war piece about a wife that was left behind after her husband died in the war.

Here it is:

I also performed a group piece to open the show choreographed by Kate Edwards. We only rehearsed together as a group and with the extended music on the day of performance but it all worked out well!

Have a look:

Needless to say, I already can’t wait to find another way to perform this piece after a couple of tweaks. There were also three very talented photographers at the event so am super excited to see their images.  But here’s a few from Dean Bostock for the time being:


Hope you enjoy !


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