Aerial Silks|Spin City Newbury

Aerial Silks was something that I had always wanted to try. Dad has always loved Cirque du Soleil so it was on quite a lot in our house, each recorded as well and the aerial aspects had always fascinated me. Then I saw one of Pink’s performances on TV where she was performing silks on stage and I was hooked!

Unfortunately I had to wait to be able to try it though. Due to university commitments and everything surrounding it, I had to wait until I had graduated before I could start. I also thought it would mean travelling to London every week to take class which on top of the travel prices would cost the earth!

Luckily once I was declared fit again after my operation I managed to find a class in Newbury at a place called Spin City. So much closer to home and only £10 per class, it’s amazing. From my first class I was in love and took to it like a duck to water. Obviously being a dancer it helped, and while flexibility makes things look nice it was my upper body strength I was/am most grateful for.

Kate, the instructor, also makes you feel so welcome in class and even though you may not be able to do everything, she’s really good at differentiating within the class to make sure that everyone is learning something. The whole atmosphere there is great, everyone is there to learn and loves every minute of it. Some of us are there for the artistry and for professional development, some are there for general fitness and wanting to gain strength and some are just there because it’s something different to do. It’s such a diverse and interesting group of people and an amazing place that Kate has set up.

I will always be passionate about silks, it’s my favourite part of the week. I’m excited to go and always satisfied when I leave; whether this be artistically or being able to feel that my body’s has really worked. The drops and falls scare me to start with because it’s the unknown, but after the first time I just want to go again and again! It’s an art that I’m still learning, I’ve only been training for 6months now compared to the 20 odd years I’ve been dancing for, so it often frustrates me when I see people doing much more advanced moves than me. I have to pinch myself and remind myself I haven’t been training for long and am already doing so much! I’m already in the intermediate 1 and 2 class where some people have been training for years. Patience Charlotte!

Spin City offers mixed aerial training (trapeze, silks, hoop, sling) and pole fitness training also. It really is a great place for all levels. Have a look at their website here:

We have a Vintage inspired performance evening on October 4th at Arlington Arts, it will be a magical evening. You can get tickets here:

I hope that everyone can find something that they are so passionate about because when you have that feeling, you don’t want to lose it.


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